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    Tips from Airbnb Plus hosts: How to create a cohesive space

    Airbnb Plus hosts share top tips on thoughtful setup and design.
    By Airbnb on Apr 21, 2021
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    Updated Apr 21, 2021


    • Define your style, and decorate rooms with complementary pieces

    • Tie each room together with a color palette or unifying aesthetic

    • Find a common thread to make your space feel consistent and comfortable

    Cohesive design ties together the decor in your space. In every property, a variety of details can work side by side according to a style, theme, or color palette.

    Define your style

    Choose a unique style for your space. It could be a mix of themes, like rustic Americana with classic touches or modern Moroccan with natural greenery. Finding inspiration from your surroundings is one way to bring a seamless feeling to your space.

    Decorate rooms with complementary pieces

    Start with what you have, and set the tone with your favorite items. Connect a set of colors in each room to create a motif. For example, if you have polished mahogany chairs and a bed frame, a sofa in the same color and finish can help create a cohesive feel.

    Bring it together with color

    Well-placed hues of a single color can bring a room together without overpowering it. Plus, different textures in the same color can give added depth to any space—like a velvet sofa coordinated with the dominant color in a woven rug. A favorite piece of furniture might be the inspiration for a cohesive color palette, with similar hues echoed in details like books on living room shelves or wall treatments in the bedroom.

    Choose one or two main colors for bigger items like a rug or bedspread, then add smaller pieces like throw pillows and art in coordinating accent colors. Round out a space by including boldly patterned or textured items, like a striped or houndstooth throw pillow. When mixing colorful patterns and prints, consider a neutral canvas to balance out the room while letting your patterns pop.

    Anchor the room with statement pieces

    Whether it’s a vintage mirror or a velvet sofa, starting with a unique item you love helps complementary elements such as lamps or pillows fall into place. Looking for a statement piece? Consider repurposing or refreshing: a barn door for a table or a bathtub for an indoor garden. When you find a new purpose for a regular object, people take notice.

    Find a common thread

    Keep styling consistent with slight variations in each room. You can change color palettes between rooms to add interest, but make sure they relate back to your overall style. Don’t worry about matching every item perfectly. Instead, make sure there’s a common thread among items that embodies your style.

    In San Juan, Puerto Rico, Airbnb Plus host Richard has a penthouse suite designed with an urban oasis in mind. “The architecture, the flowers, the open air, the design came together in a marvelous way,” says Paul, a guest who stayed in the space.

    Other ways to unify a space

    A sculpture or another piece of art can also help bring a room together. This might be a painting you bought abroad, an interesting piece of furniture, or a meaningful trinket hung on the wall.

    Think of storage pieces and lighting as decor. Cabinets, credenzas, shelving, media storage, lamps, and lighting fixtures should be more than just functional—they should fit with the feel of the room and help elevate the look of the space.

    Once you’ve decided on an overall style for your place, you can begin to design and connect each room with statement pieces, color palettes, and complementary details.

    Apr 21, 2021
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