Rent a place to live. Airbnb it part-time.
We’ve partnered with Airbnb-friendly apartment buildings across the US to make it easier to Airbnb your place.
Sentral ApartmentsDenver, Colorado
“I can’t express how grateful I am that my building is Airbnb-friendly! Hosting has given me some financial freedom and a sense of control to invest in myself.”
Hosts like Gina, in downtown San Diego, earned an average of $8,807 per year

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Your questions,

Does Airbnb own or operate these buildings?
No. This is a partnership between Airbnb and building owners to make it easier for renters to find apartments that let them host part-time. Airbnb does not own or operate these buildings.
How often can I Airbnb my place?
It’s up to you. You can host once a month or once a year, though local laws and building rules can affect how often you can host. It’s best to check with the building manager. Also, you don’t have to host if you don’t want to—it’s totally optional.
Are there rules for how guests should behave?
Yes. Building owners set community rules, such as quiet hours, that all Airbnb guests need to follow. Hosts can set their own rules for their listing as well. Airbnb also has a strict no party policy, and other policies related to guest behavior.
How do I get paid?
Your Airbnb earnings are paid directly to you through your Airbnb account. Your earnings do not get paid to the building owner as rent.
Are there Airbnb-friendly apartments outside the US?
Currently we’ve only partnered with buildings in the US. There are, of course, other buildings that allow you to Airbnb your place that aren’t part of this program. You can to be notified if a partner building becomes available near you.
I’m a building owner ‑ can I join the program?
To learn more about joining the program, and connect with an Airbnb representative, please visit our Real Estate Programs page.
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