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    Elevate the guest experience with these tips from the pros

    Seasoned hosts and property managers share how they create memorable stays.
    By Airbnb on Jul 10, 2020
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    Updated Apr 28, 2021


    • Design your space with guests’ needs in mind

    • Be friendly, communicate often, and make yourself easily available

    • Small personal touches can make a guest feel at home

    • Offer something unique by tailoring recommendations

    As a host, so many things go into creating a memorable stay, and good communication, thoughtful details, and tailored experiences are always appreciated. We invited hosts from around the world into our Story Studio to share anecdotes, strategies, and ideas that have grown their businesses. Learn how their advice can improve your hosting by following their top tips and watching these videos.

    Think like a guest

    Stay in your own space. Property management couple Bryan and Charlotte of Frederick, Maryland, recommend experiencing your space yourself. Live in it for a night or two, and take note of what works—and what doesn’t. Chances are, if you like it, your guests will too.

    Make your environment simple and practical. Guests appreciate an organized space where they can easily find the things they need. Is there a place for luggage? Are phone chargers easily accessible? Good coffee and extra towels always help too.

    Listen to feedback. Property manager Steve of Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida, tries to learn something from each review. “By listening to guests, understanding what they want, and building it for them, we’re able to drive more occupancy and revenue,” he says. “It’s a win-win.”

    Communication is key

    Set a tone and expectations. Seasoned hosts know a positive experience begins with a friendly intro. Tell guests what’s great about your space, and be upfront about little quirks it might have. Remember that how you communicate has a big impact on your guests’ experience.

    Stay in touch. Jerry of Atlanta, who manages 21 listings in the city, makes a point to communicate before, during, and after each guest’s stay. He makes it easy for guests to reach out if they need anything, which is part of the reason he gets so many good reviews.

    Be responsive. When the unexpected happens—and it will—communicate quickly and clearly to resolve the issue. Longtime host Rebecca of Los Angeles has a 24/7 team to cover for her when she’s unavailable.

    Personalize your hospitality

    Always give thoughtful greetings. Property manager Aesha of Dallas goes out of her way to make guests feel welcome. Whether it’s a handwritten note or welcome basket, that small gesture “is still very personal,” she says.

    Share what’s special. What’s your city or neighborhood known for? Superhosts recommend furnishing your space with books, art, or guides about your city, and helping guests discover things to do they couldn’t find anywhere else. 

    Tailor your recommendations. Many hosts ask if guests are visiting for a special occasion. Fran of London, who manages properties across Europe, likes to suggest seasonal events within the local community. She also asks if guests have any dietary restrictions, and if so, recommends a few restaurants they might enjoy.

    Finding ways to enhance the guest experience will greatly benefit your business. Sally of Bath, England, who manages six properties, puts it simply: “Make sure that the whole experience is amazing from start to finish, and they'll come back and reward you time and time again.”

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    Jul 10, 2020
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