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    Create a guidebook to share your local tips

    Help guests get to know your area with a custom digital travel guide.
    By Airbnb on Oct 29, 2019
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    Updated Dec 6, 2021


    • Create a digital guidebook to share personal recommendations for your area
    • You can send your guidebook to guests after booking so they can plan ahead

    • Discover more in our complete guide to setting up a successful listing

    Many Hosts provide their guests with local suggestions, like where to grab a coffee or enjoy a memorable dinner. Instead of writing down tips for each individual guest, creating a digital guidebook on Airbnb can help you save time by consolidating your recommendations in one place. 

    Guests can access your guidebook in their Trips tab and from your listing, or you can send it to them directly in a message using our Share Recommendations tool. Here’s how to make the most of your guidebook so you can show off your local surroundings and offer guests an authentic, unique experience.

    What is a guidebook?

    A guidebook is your opportunity to give guests curated info that highlights your hospitality and your local community offerings. You can create a personalized guidebook on Airbnb so guests have it available at their fingertips.

    The recommendations you provide are up to you, so think of what kind of suggestions you’d want as a traveler. Guests often appreciate recommendations for dining, sightseeing, unique shops, and interesting outdoor experiences.

    5 tips for creating a great guidebook

    1. Keep it brief. Make it easy for guests to scan your suggestions by keeping each recommendation short. Help guests understand what the place or experience is and why they should try it.
    2. Make it personal. Strong recommendations come from personal knowledge and experience. It’s best to only recommend places you have personally enjoyed.
    Mention special features. Be sure to include any unique or notable features, like a restaurant’s beautiful outdoor patio, or a store’s special section of locally sourced goods.
    4.Include a photo. To make your guidebook more engaging, you can upload a photo you’ve taken when possible for each place you're recommending. 
    5. Keep it updated. Make sure to review your guidebook from time to time to ensure all info is still accurate and add new suggestions. 

      Learn how to create a custom guidebook

      Have more than one listing?

      Guidebooks are linked to your Host account, not the individual listing (which is helpful for Hosts with multiple rooms or homes to share). “I can now create one guidebook for the area that will suit all three of my listings,” says Ann, a Superhost in Sedgwick, Maine.

      How guests access your guidebook

      Guests can access your guidebook from your listing and profile pages, as well as by going to their Trips tab, where it will automatically appear when the booking is confirmed. 

      You may also want to share your guidebook while you message back and forth with guests. You can do this easily by tapping the Share Recommendations icon in your Host inbox. This tool also allows you to recommend a curated mix of local Airbnb Experiences.

      We know you move mountains to create memorable stays—and we hope that the digital guidebook helps you connect guests with fantastic local activities.

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      Oct 29, 2019
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