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Add a guidebook to your listing

Can’t be there to give your guests the local tour? Take a few minutes to create a guidebook—it’s a great way to win over travelers.

Once you’ve completed the steps to list your place, you can suggest your favorite restaurants, stores, parks, and attractions.

Create or edit a guidebook

Only the listing owner and full access Co-Host can create and edit the guidebook. Here’s how:

  1. Click Listings and select the listing you want to edit
  2. Under Listing editor, click Arrival guide
  3. Click Guidebooks
  4. Edit title, cover photo, and choose which listings the guidebook is associated with
  5. Click Add to guidebook to enter places, neighborhoods, and city advice

Host guidebooks are public and everyone can access them on Airbnb. You can also Share to make your guidebook accessible outside the Airbnb website or even click Preview & print for a hard copy to leave for guests. Find out how to add a guest manual to your listing as well.

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