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Listing details

Amenities and guest resources


  • How-to

    Edit your listing address

    Find out when and how you can edit your listing's address.
  • How-to

    Customize your map location

    Guests with confirmed reservations will have your listing’s exact location and address. You can choose to show potential guests the general …
  • How-to

    Verifying your listing

    Verifying listings makes it easier for guests to book with confidence. Hosts may be asked to to demonstrate that their listing is a real hom…
  • How-to

    How neighborhoods are determined

    A listing is automatically assigned to a neighborhood based on its address and this neighborhood can’t be edited.


Rooms and spaces

Professional photography

  • How-to

    Professional photography for listings

    Find out how to check if professional photography is available in your area and request a photo shoot.
  • How-to

    What happens after you request a photo shoot

    We'll do our best to match you with an available photographer in your area. When a photographer accepts the job, we'll email you with their …
  • How-to

    Preparing for your photo shoot

    Clean, tidy, and organize your space to make the best impression on potential guests. Your photographer may recommend some light adjustments…
  • How-to

    Paying for your photo shoot

    We’ll subtract the cost of your photoshoot from the next payout you receive from any of your listings.
  • How-to

    How to reschedule or cancel a photo shoot

    Give your photographer at least 24 hours’ notice to reschedule or cancel your photoshoot. Once the photoshoot begins, it’s not refundable.
  • How-to

    What to expect during a photo shoot

    Your photographer will be local, qualified, and have experience with interior photography. They will make sure photos accurately represent y…
  • How-to

    What happens after your photo shoot

    Our team edits and reviews all images before uploading them directly to your listing, where they’ll be available to everyone on Airbnb.
  • How-to

    Saving your professional photos

    Find info on how to download your professional photos. Note that they’re for your personal use only, and can't be used on another real estat…
  • How-to

    Photo reshoots

    We only offer one professional photo shoot for each listing. The shoot can’t be canceled or refunded after it begins.