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What is considered a room?

Rooms are great for guests who prefer a little privacy, yet still want to meet someone new and experience the area like a local. With a room, guests will have their own bedroom in a home, plus access to spaces that may be shared with others. For example, guests might walk through indoor spaces that another person may be sharing in order to get to their room.

What is required to be displayed as a Room to guests?

To be eligible to be displayed to guests as a room on Airbnb – for example, in search, in the Rooms category, on your listing page and otherwise – a listing should meet the following requirements:

  • The space listed is a bedroom, with a door, that is intended to be exclusively used by the guest during their stay
  • The guest shares access to at least one or more of the following common spaces: bathroom, kitchen, or living room
  • Because guests are sharing your home, it’s important that they know who their host is, so the listing’s Host must be a person using their own name. Business names, nicknames, and other names are not permitted
  • Private rooms in multi-unit buildings, condos, townhomes, and apartments may be considered private rooms if they satisfy the requirements listed above

What listings are not considered as a Room?

  • A loft, room or other space without a door that separates it from other spaces in the home
  • A shared room, where the guest may share the bedroom they’re sleeping in with someone else
  • A tent, camper, airstream, bus, car, or RV
  • A hotel, boutique hotel, aparthotel, pension, hostel, co-living apartment, serviced apartment, guesthouse, nature lodge, wellness resort, or resort
  • A Bed & Breakfast may or may not be displayed as a private room; for example, it would not be if it’s similar to a boutique hotel or hostel, or doesn’t meet the requirements described above.
  • In-law units or guest houses that share a backyard but are otherwise self-contained spaces

Note: These types of listings are entire places or shared rooms - or may fit into other property types. Make sure to update your listing settings to accurately reflect the type of space you host and help guests find your listing.

If your listing does not appear as a Room

If you indicate that your listing type is a room, but it doesn’t meet the requirements above, your listing may not be displayed as a room to guests – in search, in the Rooms category or otherwise. Instead, your listing may be described to guests as a Place to stay and may be found in search results for any type of place.

If you make updates to your listing to meet the requirements above, those changes may be reviewed to determine if your listing will be displayed as a room to prospective guests. 

If your listing does not meet the above requirements, you can edit your listing type and/or property type, and find the description that matches the place you host. If you host a stay in a space attached to your home, but don't meet the above requirements, we suggest editing your listing within the Property Type section on a desktop or in Property and guests on mobile. For example, you can select Secondary unit as what best describes your place, and select Guest suite as your property type.

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