Attract guests with the new wifi speed test

Find out how to verify and showcase your wifi speed—a top Airbnb amenity.
By Airbnb on Aug 11, 2021
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Updated Nov 3, 2021


  • Wifi is one of the most popular amenities guests search for

  • The new wifi speed test allows you to verify and display your wifi speed

  • Test your wifi—if it registers at 50 Mbps or above, “fast wifi” will be highlighted in your listing

Many guests rely on fast internet to have a great trip, and it’s essential for guests who work remotely. In fact, Airbnb research shows that wifi is one of the amenities guests search for most often, and that adding a laptop-friendly workspace to a listing’s amenities can help some Hosts increase their earnings.*

Speed matters when it comes to wifi, from watching movies to joining a conference call without a hitch. Now Hosts can verify their listing’s wifi speed without leaving the Airbnb app by using the new wifi speed test. This tool allows you to easily test the speed of your property’s wifi, then display it directly on your listing page—helping you to attract more guests looking for connected stays.

Testing your wifi using your Airbnb app

The wifi speed test is currently available on the Airbnb app for iOS and Android. To get started, you’ll need to be in your space and connected to your property’s wifi network.

Once you’re there, follow these steps:

  1. Tap Profile and then tap Switch to hosting
  2. Tap Listings and tap the listing you want
  3. Under About the listing, go to Amenities
  4. Scroll to Wifi and tap Add details
  5. Tap Test wifi speed (you’ll need to allow location access if it’s not already approved)
  6. Tap Start test
  7. After the results are displayed, tap Save for your wifi speed to appear on your listing page
  8. If your wifi speed is 50 Mbps or above, your listing will be highlighted as having fast wifi

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    Understanding your wifi speed

    Internet speed is measured in megabits per second, and this number can show how fast your connection is. Here are the different readings you can get from the wifi speed test, and what they mean:

    • No reading: No wifi is available. You either don’t have wifi or can’t connect. Try rebooting your router or moving to another space on your property.
    • 1-6 Mbps: Basic wifi speed. Guests can check messages and browse the web.
    • 7-24 Mbps: Solid wifi speed. Guests can stream HD videos.
    • 25-49 Mbps: Snappy wifi speed. Guests can stream higher-quality 4K videos and join video calls.
    • 50+ Mbps: Wow! Fast wifi speed. Guests can stream 4K videos and join video calls on multiple devices. We’ll highlight fast wifi on your listing.

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    Letting guests know about your wifi speed

    Once the test is complete and your results are saved, your wifi speed (in megabits per second) will show up in your Amenities next to Wifi, allowing guests to confirm your internet speed before they book.

    If your speed is 50 Mbps or above, you’ll unlock a new amenity: “Fast wifi” will appear on your listing page.

    Because wifi is an incredibly important amenity, we’re excited to offer you a tool that can help you showcase your wifi speed to guests—and help increase your listing’s appeal on Airbnb.

    *According to Airbnb internal data that measured the most frequently searched amenities from September 1, 2020, to September 1, 2021.

    Information contained in this article may have changed since publication.
    Aug 11, 2021
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