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Start preparing now to meet all 4 criteria at the April assessment.
By Airbnb on Aug 20, 2020
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Updated Jun 27, 2022


  • Current Superhosts will keep their status at the January 2022 assessment if they meet criteria for response rate and overall rating

  • Hosts will need to meet all 4 criteria again at the April 2022 assessment—so now’s the time to make adjustments

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted the travel industry and the routines of Hosts around the world. To acknowledge this complex and difficult time, we made temporary changes to our Superhost assessment criteria.

Starting in April 2020, Superhosts were able to keep their status without meeting all 4 of our standard criteria. Now, as travel continues to recover, we’re returning to our original assessment process.

Beginning at the April 1, 2022, assessment, and at future assessments, Hosts need to meet all 4 criteria to earn Superhost status.

Current Superhosts will not need to meet our usual criteria regarding the number of stays or cancellation rate until the April 1, 2022 assessment.

    We started extending Superhost status in April 2020, the first Superhost assessment during COVID-19. However, as travel continues to recover, all Hosts will need to meet all of the criteria at the April 1, 2022, assessment in order to earn Superhost status.

    The 4 criteria are as follows:

    • Maintaining a 4.8 overall rating
    • Maintaining a 90% response rate or higher
    • 10 stays in the past year (or 100 nights over at least three stays for Hosts with longer-term reservations)
    • Maintaining a cancellation rate of 1% or less
    The April Superhost assessment will look at your performance during the previous 365 days—so now’s the time to make any adjustments that will help ensure you’re prepared to earn Superhost status in April.

    Because the Superhost assessment factors in the previous year of performance, if, for example, you have a high rate of cancellation now that’s unrelated to COVID-19, it could impact your Superhost status in the future. Track your Superhost status here

    Please also note that any quarter in which a Superhost misses any of the 4 criteria—including stays and cancellation rate—will not count toward the 4 consecutive quarters required to earn a $100 USD travel or Airbnb Experiences coupon. Superhosts who do meet all 4 of our usual criteria will still continue to have these quarters count toward their coupon.

    As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, we will waive some of these requirements for select, existing Superhosts that have health and safety concerns related to the pandemic. We’re continuing to monitor the impacts of COVID-19 and making appropriate updates for our valued community of Superhosts. As always, thank you for consistently demonstrating what exceptional hospitality means.

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    Aug 20, 2020
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