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Finding a stay that's right for you

Want help finding a great place to stay? Here are the top areas that guests have questions about when they’re searching for their next trip.

Booking 101: The basics

As long as you enter your destination, travel dates, and number of guests when searching on Airbnb, all listings that show up should be available. To make sure the space is just right, use the search filters to find a place entirely to yourself, or other options if you’d prefer some shared spaces. Once you find a place you like, you may still have questions about it. While you can’t visit the property before booking, you can contact the Host to find out more. Also ask them about specific amenities, the neighborhood, or the location since they are the best source for all details. They may even send you a pre-approval or special offer to entice you to book their place.

Types of places to stay
Find all the details on the different types of stays including entire places, private rooms, hotel rooms, and shared rooms.

When to message your Host
Read more about when you need to message a Host or when it might be a good idea.

Asking to visit before booking
How to find more details about a place without having to visit.

Invites and special offers
Details on how pre-approvals and special offers work.

Finding the right place

Enter your destination (you can include neighborhoods!), travel dates, and number of guests to help narrow down your search. You can also use the search filters, like accessibility or amenities, to help you find stays that match what you’re looking for.

Search for places with accessibility features
How to find a place to stay that meets your mobility needs.

Using search filters
More details about all the filters available.

Search by neighborhood
Find out how to use the neighborhood filter for your next stay.

Party and Events Policy
We’ve created our Parties and Events Policy to provide clear guidance on what we expect from everyone.

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