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Search for places with accessibility features

We believe that anyone can belong anywhere—and we want to make it easier for people with disabilities and other accessibility needs to travel.

Now you can search for a wide entrance, a place with no stairs or steps, or other accessibility features to help you find a place that meets your needs.

Accessibility features

These are the features you can filter by:

  • Step-free guest entrance
  • Step-free route to guest entrance
  • Guest entrance wider than 32 inches
  • Accessible parking spot
  • Step-free bedroom access
  • Bedroom entryway wider than 32 inches
  • Step-free bathroom access
  • Bathroom entryway wider than 32 inches
  • Shower or bath chair
  • Step-free shower
  • Toilet grab bars
  • Shower grab bars
  • Ceiling or mobile hoist

To filter by accessibility features:

  1. Enter your destination, travel dates, and number of guests
  2. Once your search results show, click Filters
  3. Go to Accessibility features, and click Show all accessibility features
  4. Select the features you want, and click Show stays

Where to find accessibility information on a listing

Now that you’ve found a listing that meets your needs, here’s where you can find more details on the place’s accessibility features.

  • Listing description: Hosts often add accessibility information in the listing description
  • Accessibility section: Hosts provide photos of the accessibility features at their place
  • Contact the Host: If you’d like more information about the accessibility features at a place, use the Contact Host button

Nondiscrimination Policy

As part of our commitment to inclusion and respect for everyone in our community, our Nondiscrimination Policy doesn't allow Hosts to turn down a guest simply because they have a disability. We're working to make the Airbnb community more disability-friendly by giving Hosts and guests opportunities to share accessibility information.

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