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Verifying your identity

Our aim is for guests and Hosts on Airbnb to be able to trust each other.

Although no identification process is foolproof and we cannot guarantee someone’s identity, we take steps to help everyone to feel confident that guests and Hosts on Airbnb are genuine. This is why we have procedures in place to attempt to verify the identity of our users.

We require listing Hosts, new Co-Hosts, and booking guests to be verified. When you book a stay or when you become a Host, we may need to verify your personal information, such as your legal name, address, phone number, and other contact details. We may also ask for a photo of your government ID and a selfie. Additionally, certain Experiences require you to verify your identity.

Check out our Privacy Policy and learn more about trust and safety at Airbnb.


Someone being “Identity verified”, or having an identity verification badge, only means that they have provided info in order to complete our identity verification process. This process has safeguards, but is not a guarantee that someone is who they claim to be.

Why we verify identity

Verifying the identity of guests and Hosts helps us to:

  • Scan for fraudulent behavior
  • Do background checks where permitted under applicable laws
  • Understand if a malicious actor has taken control of an account
  • Investigate safety and security issues such as assault, robbery or fraudulent activity

How the process works

As part of the identity verification process, we may ask you to provide us with:

  • Legal name, address and/or other personal information: In some cases, these are sufficient for us to verify your identity.
  • Photo of your government ID: This could be a driving license, passport, or identity card. Learn more about types of government ID.
  • Selfie: We may need to ask you for a photograph along with your government ID. If you can’t provide a selfie that matches your government ID, you can contact us for an alternative verification method.

Note: If you’re hosting as a business, you may be asked to verify additional information for your account and any associated accounts with your business. Learn more.

How long does it takes to verify ID

Once you've submitted your information, it may take up to 12 hours for the ID verification to be reviewed and approved.

Verifying your identity in your account settings

You can verify your identity in your account settings by submitting a photo of your government ID. You can do this when setting up an account – or when updating your account details.

Where we display your identity verification status

Your identity verification status may be indicated on your listing with the label “identity verified” or across Airbnb as a red badge with a checkmark next to your profile photo. Your identity verification status is also shown in your Profile in the section titled [Your name]'s confirmed information.

Having trouble?

  • Check your messages:  You may have been sent additional information via text, email, or phone. Do you think you may have missed an email? Learn why.
  • Grant camera permission:  The Airbnb app or your browser may need permission to access your camera. Still not working? Try refreshing the app or page.
  • Use high-quality photos: Take photos in a well-lit room, checking that your face is clear and not obscured, and fit information within the provided white lines. Using “auto” mode will allow the app to automatically take high-quality photos, although you can always switch back to take photos manually. Religious head coverings are welcome, but please make sure that we can see your eyes, nose, and mouth.
  • Submit photos of an original (not photocopied) and undamaged ID: If the ID has 2 sides, such as a driving license or national ID card, submit photos of the front and back.
  • Make sure you’re submitting a valid ID type: We can’t accept school, college, library, gym or military IDs. Learn more about types of ID for verification.

When we verify your identity

You'll need to verify your identity as a guest for booking and as a Host when creating a listing or Experience for the first time. Hosts of places to stay who don’t complete ID verification may not be able to receive new bookings until they have done so.


If you’re a guest booking a place to stay, you’ll need to complete identity verification. If you’re a guest booking an Experience, you may need to complete identity verification if your Host requires it.

This step occurs during checkout and usually takes under a minute to upload your details. Once you’re done, your identity should be verified within a few hours.

If we’re unable to verify your identity using the details you provide when making the booking, we’ll ask you to verify your identity in another way—such as providing your legal name, address, or other contact details. We may also ask for a photo of your government ID and a selfie.

The quicker you can provide this information, the quicker we can confirm your booking and help get you on your way.


If you’re trying to make a booking, it’s very important that you provide us with the necessary information no later than 12 hours from the time of your request.

If we’re unable to verify your identity within 12 hours, your reservation can’t be confirmed.


If you’re a new Host creating a listing or Experience for the first time, you’ll need to complete identity verification using your government ID or other information during the Airbnb setup. Your listing won’t be published until this step is completed.

If you’ve been invited to be a Co-Host of a listing, you’ll need to complete identity verification before you can accept the invitation.

If you’re an existing Host, a Co-Host who is listed as Primary Host, or a Host of Experiences, you’ll need to complete identity verification as soon as possible. Failure to do so may result in consequences such as a calendar blocking.

When your calendar is blocked because you haven’t completed identity verification, you won't be able to receive new reservations until you take this step.

To verify your identity as a Host, go to our identity verification page. Here you can:

  • Upload an existing photo of your ID
  • Take a photo of your ID with your webcam

Verified badge

Accounts that have completed the ID verification process can be identified by the “ID verified” badge. Once you've got the identity verified badge, it applies as a guest and as a Host.

After you’ve been identity verified, if you change your personal information, like your name, or if you remove your government ID from your profile, you may lose your “identity verified” badge and you may need to verify again in order to book or to accept listings.

Note: Some business Hosts may create multiple accounts to manage all of their listings. In these cases, the connected Host accounts may not always display an “identity verified” badge even though the business operating the account has been verified. Learn more about business verification.

What we share

Your identification information is handled according to our Privacy Policy and isn’t shared with your Host or guests.

In addition, we may share your identification information with authorized third-party service providers to help support the identity verification process—including such things as verifying your identity, authenticating your identification documents, and performing background checks (where permitted under applicable law).

How we manage your data

Only authorized Airbnb personnel and authorized third-party service providers may access the information you submit. All information is stored and transmitted using secure encryption. We keep your data only for as long as needed to comply with applicable laws and other legal requirements, including:

  • Time necessary to meet safety and anti-fraud requirements
  • Upholding Airbnb’s community guidelines
  • Compliance with anti-money laundering requirements
  • Compliance with payments and tax laws

We delete personal data consistent with applicable law when a data subject rights deletion request is processed.

What a Host may ask you for

The Host may ask for ID upon check-in, if done in person and if the requirement is in the Host’s house rules at the time of booking or is required under applicable laws.

Some regions have laws that require guests to register with local authorities. This can be done directly with the local authorities or at the accommodation on behalf of the authorities. Where this applies, the registration request may come from a bed and breakfast, hostel or hotel room, apartment listings or other accommodation listed on Airbnb.

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