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Change your name in your profile

While we’ll need your legal name for some stuff, we’re happy to make you feel welcomed by using your preferred first name on your public Airbnb profile.

Share your preferred first name

You can add a preferred first name when initially signing up for an Airbnb account, in addition to your legal name. Your preferred name will be shown to other Hosts and guests across our Airbnb app and website–on your profile, in reviews, and in messages.

Don’t want to add a preferred first name? No problem. We’ll use your legal first name.

Add the name you want displayed on your profile

Add a preferred first name on desktop

  1. Click Profile > Account > Personal info
  2. Go to Preferred name and click Add
  3. Add the name you want to display on your profile and click Save

Where your legal name will be displayed

We do need your legal name to help verify your identity, and your legal name may show in some scenarios, such as on tax or insurance documents.

Guidelines for preferred first names

Your preferred first name can be a nickname, or a variation of your legal name, or just whatever you want Hosts and guests to call you.

There are few things you can’t use:

  • A fake name or a name that impersonates another person, such as a public figure
  • Multiple names (ex: John and Jack Smith)
  • Don’t include a title (ex: Dr.)
  • No offensive or suggestive words of any kind

Names and other content on Airbnb should also always follow our Content Policy.

Using your business name as your preferred name

If you’re hosting as a business on Airbnb, you can use the preferred name field to reflect the name of your business.

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