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Missing email notifications

You don’t want to miss out on important email notifications from Airbnb. Maybe your personal info is out of date or your notifications aren’t set up right. Start by checking if your email address is correct.

Edit your email address

Edit email address on desktop

  1. Click Profile > Account > Personal info
  2. Go to Email address and click Edit
  3. Make your changes and then click Save

Check your notification settings

Edit notification settings on desktop

  1. Click Profile > Account > Notifications
  2. Go to Offers and updates and Account
  3. Edit your notification choices

Search all messages in your email inbox

Sometimes emails get lost in your inbox. Search for terms like "Airbnb," "reservation," "verification," or other words related to the email you're looking for.

Check your email filters

Spam, junk, and routing rules can mislabel your messages. To avoid this:

  • Remove Airbnb messages from your spam list
  • Add,, and to your personal email address book

Check for issues with your email service provider

Depending on your provider or your network, emails can take a few hours to be delivered. If undelivered or delayed emails continue to be an issue, check with your provider.

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