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    Tips from Airbnb Plus hosts: How to find a convenient layout

    Learn how to thoughtfully set up your space with tips from Airbnb Plus hosts.
    By Airbnb on Apr 21, 2021
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    Updated Apr 21, 2021


    • Make your space easy to find and enter

    • Set things up for comfort

    • Create an easy space to work

    • Help guests unwind for a good night’s rest

    • Keep areas functional in the kitchen and bathroom

    Airbnb Plus hosts celebrate their unique spaces by setting things up for comfort and function, and making sure that everything is easy to use. Check out some of these strategies for arranging your space:

    Make everything easy to locate

    All areas should be considerately arranged to support common activities, so guests can live, work, and relax. For example, make the street address visible to ensure that your property is easy to locate and enter from the beginning. The entryway should be set up with guests in mind, with a clear place to hang jackets or place smaller belongings, like keys or a wallet.

    Set things up for comfort

    For a relaxing dining experience, place chairs with enough distance from the wall and each other so there’s ample space to take a seat and relax during a meal. Include the number of chairs to seat the maximum number of guests the listing can hold. In the living room, arrange the main seating area for conversation, with a clear view of the TV (if there is one). Include nearby tables to place books, drinks, and other items. Add warm lighting options for reading and working.

    By thinking ahead, you’ll be able to meet guests’ needs and delight them. And it pays off: “The space was so thoughtfully designed and arranged,” says Ashley, a guest who stayed with Airbnb Plus host Shannon in Malibu, California. “I must have said, ‘Wow,’ a thousand times.”

    Create an ideal workspace

    Whether it’s the dining room table or a designated desk, make sure there’s a workspace with good lighting, easy access to an electrical outlet, and a strong wifi connection. Consider an ergonomic chair, or something with back support, to go with a laptop-friendly surface.

    Help guests unwind

    It’s important to give guests what they need for a good night’s rest. Start by positioning the bed against a wall, so there’s access to both sides and space for an adjacent bedside table. This simple layout makes it easier for guests to make the bed and optimizes the flow of the room. For lighting, placing a lamp on the bedside table or installing sconces above them creates a relaxing environment. Consider high-quality linens and keep things clutter-free to make everything extra comfortable.

    Keep things functional

    Offering clear kitchen counter space to guests is an invitation for them to use it. While some appliances may be located on the counters, such as toasters and electric kettles, make sure there’s always enough room to prepare food. For the bathroom, placing hooks, racks, or shelves near the shower makes it easier for guests.

    Guests should be able to live, work, and relax in your space effortlessly. In every room, try to keep guests’ comfort in mind, so everything is easy to use and enjoy. With these tips, hosts can create welcoming spaces for all of their guests.

    Apr 21, 2021
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