Tips for simplifying hosting during the busy season

Follow a cleaning checklist, use checkout tools, and update your amenities.
By Airbnb on Jul 5, 2023
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Updated Jul 5, 2023

It’s called the busy season for a reason: A full calendar with little space between guests can be a lot to manage. Try these tips for maintaining great hospitality during peak times.

Handling quick turnovers

Following the same routine after every checkout helps support rapid turnovers when you have back-to-back bookings. Robin, a Superhost in Mount Barker, Australia, recommends using a checklist, whether you’re doing the cleaning yourself or relying on others.

“The great thing about using a checklist is it keeps me focused and makes sure that I don’t overlook anything,” Robin says. “It’s easy to deviate from the script when interruptions happen, and remembering all the little details makes hosting a better experience for both guests and me.”

More tips for handling quick turnovers:

  • Double or triple up on linens. Extra sheets and towels allow you to refresh the bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen without doing laundry immediately. You’ll have backup in case of stubborn stains like makeup or cooking grease.

  • Use duvet covers and pillow and mattress protectors. Double up on these items too for quick changes between guests.

  • Sign up for delivery services. Restock cleaning supplies, toiletries, groceries, or other goods you regularly need or provide guests without running to the store.

  • Have a reliable back-up plan for cleaning, maintenance, and gardening. This allows you to stay on schedule even when you and your crew aren’t available. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, consider adding a Co-Host.

Saving time with checkout tools

Checkout should require very little effort from you and your guests. In May, we rolled out checkout tools designed to help the process go smoothly for everyone. 

The new features include automatic push notifications and one-tap checkout. Airbnb sends your checkout time and instructions to guests at 5:00 PM local time the day before checkout. Any guest using the app on a mobile device, with push notifications turned on, receives these. They can also tap a button to let you know when they’ve checked out, and you can start getting ready for the next guest.

Joh, a Superhost in Forestville, California, likes to send her own scheduled messages around checkout—especially during busy season. “I tell guests the cleaner will arrive at 11:00 AM to prepare the apartment for the next guests, so they understand why it’s important to leave on time,” she says.

More tips for saving time with checkout tools:

  • Set up basic checkout instructions. You can quickly create instructions by selecting from a list of five common tasks. You can add details for each one. For example, under “Throw trash away,” you can ask guests to put trash in one bin and recycling in another.

  • Include requests specific to your home. If your amenities include an outdoor grill, you could ask guests to put its cover back on after use.

  • Add checkout cards. Once you’ve set up basic checkout instructions, you can add a checkout card to a scheduled message or a quick reply linking back to them. It’s a good way to send reminders to guests who aren’t using the Airbnb app with push notifications turned on.

Highlighting seasonal amenities

Searches for listings with swimming pools were up 60% in the first three months of 2023 compared to those months in 2022, Airbnb global data shows. The most-booked Airbnb Categories were Beach, Amazing Pools, and Cabins. 

Updating your listing to highlight seasonal features and amenities can help guests seeking what you offer find and book your place.

“My sister is an interior decorator, and she changes the look of our place by season, borrowing items from our town gift shop,” says Fred, a Superhost in Placencia, Belize. “Each year we add a new amenity too—something special to cause past guests to come back. We’ve added a gazebo, an observatory, and a bar area over the water.”

More tips for highlighting seasonal amenities:

  • Add photos with seasonal flair. In warmer months, show potential guests your amazing pool, outdoor grill, hammock, or path to the beach. For colder times, share pics of the fireplace, hot tub, or ski-in/ski-out trail to the lifts.

  • Refresh your listing description. Have you added amenities to the property recently, like Fred and his sister? Call them out as new in your listing description and add photos.

  • Update your listing details. Review your account settings, making sure you’ve selected the checkmark next to all the amenities you currently offer. Include more details whenever you’re prompted to do so.

Information contained in this article may have changed since publication.

Jul 5, 2023
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