Simple ways to delight guests during longer stays

Follow these tips to have an impact on your guests and reviews.
By Airbnb on Feb 28, 2023
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Updated Feb 28, 2023

Guests who stay with you for 28 nights or longer often have different needs than weekend visitors do. Meeting those needs creates better travel experiences for them—and can lead to more five-star reviews for you.

To gratify your monthly guests, try these simple gestures about a week after they arrive.

Asking guests what they need

A month is a long time to go without something you use regularly at home and just couldn’t pack. As a Host, you can ask your guests whether they’re missing any essentials. 

Maybe they’d like an extra pillow or blanket, an umbrella, or kitchen gear, such as a toaster or a blender. Your willingness to supply these relatively small conveniences could make a huge difference in their comfort level, and you’ll be able to provide the same item for future guests.

Andrea, a Superhost in Leavenworth, Washington, says she likes to keep the kitchen well-stocked during longer stays. “I always provide my guests with plenty of loose-leaf tea, coffee, multiple coffee-making options, and cooking oil and spices.”

Offering a mid-stay cleaning

Many guests welcome the idea of a free cleaning halfway into their stay. It’s a great perk for them, and it gives you a chance to do light maintenance, like replacing batteries, light bulbs, and filters.

Annette, a Superhost in San Francisco, likes to tell guests: “Since you’ll be here at least a month, there’s a chance something may need our attention. Please don’t attempt any repairs yourself, no matter how minor. Contact us immediately, and we’ll take care of it.”

When scheduling a mid-stay cleaning, it’s a good idea to let guests know exactly who’ll be entering the space, what time they’ll start, and how long they’ll likely be there. Setting clear expectations signals that you respect their privacy and safety.

You could also offer more frequent service for a fee, which helps support your cleaning crew and keep your place clean.

Recommending local services

Guests usually don’t know your area as well as you do. Sending them local tips in a message or a guidebook can help them get the most out of their visit.

Compile a short list, thinking about services guests on longer stays might need, such as dog walking, grocery delivery, or laptop repair. Recommending local merchants can help you connect with your guests while supporting your community. 

Call guests’ attention to your favorite spots, especially lesser-known places that they really shouldn’t miss. Don’t forget to mention festivals or other big public events happening during their stay.

Delivering special touches

Special touches tend to make guests feel appreciated. You could leave a card at the door with a few words of gratitude (“Thank you for staying with us”) and a thoughtful gift:

  • A bottle of regional wine
  • A loaf of freshly baked bread
  • A souvenir from the area

“The smaller and lighter in weight, the better,” says Donna, a Superhost in San Francisco. “My personal preference is something edible, so they can use it right away if they want.” Locally made items can delight guests in the moment and fondly remind them of your place after they check out.

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Feb 28, 2023
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