How to welcome your first Airbnb guests

Create a memorable trip for your guests—every time.
By Airbnb on Nov 20, 2019
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Updated Oct 4, 2022


You may feel a little nervous as you anticipate the arrival of your first guests. But we’ve got you covered every step of the way. Want to create a great experience for your first guests and beyond? Check out this five-step guide.

Step 1: Communicate early and often

Welcoming guests begins before they even come through the door. By replying quickly to guests’ messages, you’re letting them know you care about their needs.

These early conversations are also an opportunity to set expectations. Some helpful tips:

  • Be honest. Guests may have missed important details in your listing description. It’s a good idea to remind them if you, your family, other guests, or pets will share any spaces with them.
  • Be curious. You can open the door to inclusivity by simply asking your guests, What do you need to feel comfortable and welcome in my space?
  • Reply the easy way. Use Airbnb messaging or the app to reply to guests at home and on the go.
  • Think ahead. If you expect to send similar info to multiple guests, save time by using our messaging tools.

Step 2: Make check-in easy

You can answer common questions and provide a soft landing for guests by filling out all of the fields under the Info for guests section of your Listings tab, including directions to your space, check-in instructions, and wifi info. This will be shared in your guests’ Trips tabs 48 hours before they check in.

Guests—especially those from historically marginalized communities—have shared that self check-in can make them feel more comfortable. But if you’re nearby, you can also ask your guests if they would prefer an in-person check-in.

Explore the guide to inclusive hosting

Step 3: Keep things clean and tidy

When guests book on Airbnb, they expect to find a clean space. If guests encounter dust bunnies in the bedroom or crumbs in the kitchen, that might be all they remember about your place.

Stray hairs are a big turn-off, so be sure to pay close attention to places where hair often collects, like sheets, towels, floors, and bathrooms. And too many personal items will make your space feel cluttered, so try to store any of these in a closet or similar out-of-the-way area

Step 4: Anticipate guest needs

Every guest is different, but most will expect to have access to certain items and info right away. You might consider:

  • Stocking your space with essential amenities, including towels, linens, soap, and toilet paper
  • Updating your house manual to provide guests with important info about spaces that are off limits, wifi instructions, etc.
  • Creating a guidebook featuring your favorite restaurants, grocery stores, coffee shops, and more
  • Making yourself available via text, phone, or email in case anything goes wrong
  • Having the phone numbers of key people, such as the plumber, handyperson, internet and cable support agent, or neighbors easily accessible

Step 5: Give and get reviews

Once your guests check out, they’ll have the opportunity to leave a review of your space. Your first few reviews are crucial to your success on Airbnb. Your average star rating will appear on your listing after you receive three reviews and may impact how you rank in search results.

You’ll also have the opportunity to review guests. The review process helps build trust for guests and Hosts, which creates a foundation for the entire Airbnb community. Be honest and respectful in your approach, and use the same standards to evaluate every guest.
Nov 20, 2019
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