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Get tips for improving your ranking in search results.
By Airbnb on May 11, 2022
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Updated Nov 21, 2022


  • Your listing’s price, quality, and popularity affect how it shows up in guests’ search results

  • Try opening more dates on your calendar to match more guests’ search criteria

You’ve created and published your listing, and now you want people to check it out. How do they find it? Here are a few things you can do to improve your search ranking.

Understand the basics

Airbnb’s search algorithm uses many factors to determine the order listings appear in search results. Not every factor is weighed equally. The price, quality, and popularity of a listing heavily influence how a listing shows up.

The algorithm prioritizes the total price of a listing before taxes (including fees and discounts), and the quality of a listing, compared to similar listings in the area. A listing’s photos, guest reviews, and other characteristics can help determine its quality.

Setting a competitive price and maintaining high quality can help improve your ranking, because listings offering the best value in any given region tend to rank higher in search results.

Strive for popularity

Airbnb’s algorithm evaluates your listing’s popularity using a wide range of info. This includes how often guests book your listing, visit your listing page, and add your listing to their wish lists.

More popular listings tend to rank higher in search results. To help spark guests’ interest, we recommend that you:

  • Offer amenities guests want, such as high-speed wifi, self check-in, and free parking.
  • Describe the unique characteristics of your space with specific details that let guests know exactly what to expect.
  • Feature high-quality photos that set an inviting scene. High-quality photos may improve your prominence within a category.

Open more availability

Airbnb’s algorithm factors in your listing’s availability, your response times to inquiries, and how often you accept reservations. The more open dates you offer on your calendar, the more likely your listing will meet a guest’s search criteria and appear in their search results.

Actions you can take to improve your listing’s search ranking:

  • Respond to reservation requests within 24 hours. Avoid frequently declining reservation requests.
  • Use Instant Book, so guests can find your listing when they filter their search results for that option. This feature lets guests book your place instantly (without the need for you to accept their requests), speeding up your response times.
  • Reduce the number of restrictions, like the minimum and maximum length of stays, you put on bookings.

Offer great hospitality

Your ability to set guest expectations in your listing description, then meet or exceed them as a Host, typically improves your search ranking over time.

Providing accurate details about your place and clearly communicating with guests can lead to higher ratings and reviews of their stays with you. It can also help you avoid customer service complaints, which can negatively affect your listing’s ranking.

The algorithm also considers whether you’re a Superhost—our term for a highly rated, experienced Host—or if you’re meeting some or all of the requirements to become one. The requirements include things like responding quickly to guest booking inquiries and keeping cancellations (by you) to a minimum.

Guests have the option to filter their search results to access only listings offered by Superhosts.

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May 11, 2022
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