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    How expert Hosts attract guests during changing seasons

    Host Advisory Board members share how they make the most of seasonal demand.
    By Airbnb on Sep 23, 2021
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    Updated Sep 23, 2021


    • Host Advisory Board members share ideas for hosting during seasonal transitions

    • Top tips include researching nearby events and opening your availability around key dates

    • You can also update your guidebook with local activities and recommendations

    As the seasons change and temperatures cool across the northern hemisphere, an Airbnb trend report shows that travelers have been booking longer weekend stays, focusing on picturesque destinations and mid-sized cities packed with activities.

    The report got us thinking about how Hosts can make the most of shifting seasons and travel trends. Wherever you are in the world, a change of season is always a good time to update your calendar, listing details, guidebook, and more.

    We spoke to Host Advisory Board members Till Zieger, Ningyi Wang, and Sam Reed to learn how they respond to seasonal demand and make stays special for guests.

    Revisit your hosting calendar

    In many areas, autumn is considered a transitional season when tourism declines, which is why it’s a popular time for planning conferences and festivals that keep attracting visitors. And though events in many cities around the world have been canceled this year due to COVID-19, outdoor recreation remains an important motivation for travel.

    Host Advisory Board member Till, who hosts a private room in Stuttgart, Germany, says that his guests in the fall months are often business travelers coming for industry trade fairs. He also hosts tourists attending the Cannstatter Volksfest, a beer festival similar to Oktoberfest in Munich. “Look at what the special attractions are in your area, and give guests practical information,” Till suggests.

    You can keep tabs on important local events by connecting with your area’s tourism bureau or joining social media groups. If you’re able to, consider opening up availability around key events.

    Make seasonal adjustments to your listing

    Updating your listing photos and description can be a powerful way to attract new guests. Consider editing your listing seasonally to showcase changing scenery and highlight local events.

    • If your area gets beautiful fall colors or spring flowers, update your listing photos and consider putting images featuring local foliage or blooms front and center.
    • If you’re close to scenic destinations, try including them in your listing description and guidebook.
    • If tourism fluctuates seasonally in your area, you could adjust your pricing accordingly. Some Hosts lower their rates when things slow down, or raise minimum-stay requirements around big events.
    • Turn on Smart Pricing to automatically update your nightly rate based on over 70 factors, including seasonal demand—just be sure to set a minimum price you’re comfortable with.

    Share knowledge about local attractions

    Host Advisory Board member Sam Reed (who goes by the name “Reed”) hosts a private room on a tree-lined block in Philadelphia, and loves telling guests about the wildlife that passes through his city from August through November.

    “Birdwatching is really great in the fall, since it’s migration season,” Reed says. He also steers guests toward Philadelphia’s Eastern State Penitentiary, a jail-turned-museum that explores criminal justice reform and offers haunted house experiences around Halloween.

    For some Hosts, seasonal activities can be very hands-on. Take Host Advisory Board member Ningyi, whose listing on Gem Mountain in Hangzhou, China, must be accessed on foot.

    “During the Mid-Autumn Festival in September, my guests and I usually go boating on the lake to eat moon cakes, drink sweet-scented wine, and tell stories,” she says. “And in November when the leaves change colors, we go hiking in the mountains and get a pot of spring water to make tea.”

    Adjust your amenities seasonally

    Many Hosts around the world make small updates to their decor and amenities to help highlight the changing seasons. For instance, Till and his wife, Jutta, set out dried edelweiss flowers and berries in the fall, lending their apartment a homey feel.

    When the air gets crisp, comfy indoor spaces and thoughtful seasonal touches can make your guests feel welcome. Some Hosts offer stacks of wood and fire starters for a fireplace, or everything you need to make warm drinks.

    “We’re big tea people at our place, so we put out a lot of seasonal teas,” says Reed. He also makes sure to offer extra blankets as the weather gets cooler.

    As our Host Advisory Board members demonstrate, just a little bit of extra effort can yield a big impact when it comes to making the most of seasonal transitions. Do you modify amenities, listing details, or hosting style as the seasons change? Share your thoughts in the Community Center.
    Information contained in this article may have changed since publication.
    Sep 23, 2021
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