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    Host questions answered: Airbnb’s Summer Release

    Your listing titles are coming back, along with other helpful updates.
    By Airbnb on Jun 10, 2022
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    Updated Jul 22, 2022


    • Your listing titles and review counts have returned

    • Review counts are visible in search results

    On May 11, we introduced the Airbnb 2022 Summer Release with a new way to search designed around Airbnb Categories. Since then, we’ve gathered feedback from thousands of Hosts through our Community Center, Host Clubs, emails, and workshops with the Host Advisory Board and other Host leaders. Thank you for your valuable comments and suggestions. Today, we want to share the actions we’re taking in response to your top three requests.

    Being able to write my own listing title was one of the ways I could make my home stand out. Will you add titles back into search results?

    Yes, Host-written listing titles have returned to the search experience any time a guest types a specific destination. 

    Originally, we removed custom titles to create uniform descriptions across Airbnb that make it easier for guests to view and compare stays. In some cases, longer titles stretched over several lines or included emojis that might not have been relevant to the listing. These inconsistencies complicated searches and sometimes created a poor experience for guests.

    We also introduced larger photos of your listings, which are often the first introduction a guest has to your home. That meant we had to reduce the amount of information that appears below photos in search results.

    You’ve provided a lot of feedback about the changes, including many requests to bring back your ability to craft your own listing title. We understand why you’re so passionate about this issue: Your listing title is one of the first things guests read in search results, and it’s an opportunity to highlight what makes your space unique.

    On June 17, we published new guidelines for creating listing titles. We suggested limiting your title to 32 characters, writing your titles in sentence case, and avoiding emojis or symbols. Most importantly, describe what makes your place one of a kind.

    Your listing titles now appear in Airbnb search results for destination-based searches.

    I’m concerned that my listing is not being discovered as easily. Is that something others are experiencing too?

    A number of factors can influence listing performance, including seasonality and economic conditions. We want to outline the ways guests have an opportunity to discover your listing, and what we’re doing to further optimize their booking experience.

    Though many guests are browsing Airbnb Categories for inspiration and booking, the majority continue to book stays by entering a specific destination and travel dates in search. Once guests enter a location, they are using the “All homes” tab—just as they did previously—to view all stays available in a particular location and book a listing that’s right for them.

    Update: We've made updates to the product since our May launch. Review counts have returned and are visible next to your star rating in destination-based searches. Next, you'll notice the calendar is the default for all new searches, instead of the “I’m flexible” option, as many guest searches are for specific dates.

    I like the Airbnb Categories, but how can I check which category my listing is in? And what if I want to be in an additional category?

    Airbnb Categories are collections of homes based on a property’s unique style, location, or proximity to a travel activity. Categories are a new way to showcase the diversity of listings on Airbnb and help guests discover places they never knew existed.

    We launched categories with the belief that there will ultimately be a category for every listing. We’re glad to see you have a lot of excitement for the new categories, as demonstrated by the many ideas you’ve shared for additional categories—from sustainable homes and family-friendly listings to downtown properties and stays with remote office setups.

    In addition to collaborating with the Host community to develop a process for creating new categories, we’re exploring ways to let you check what category your listing may be in. We’ll provide details in the months ahead.

    Meanwhile, you can do several things to ensure your listing is considered for placement in categories. Make sure your listing details are current, complete, and accurate. Also, be sure to add great photography to your listing, as photo quality is one of the key criteria in categories.

    As always, we invite you to share your feedback or participate in a Host Workshop through your local Host Club.

    Information contained in this article may have changed since publication.

    Jun 10, 2022
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