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    Adding and editing amenities is easier than ever

    We’ve introduced new amenity options—and new ways to add them to your listing.
    By Airbnb on Dec 7, 2020
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    Updated Jun 15, 2021


    • We’ve added 40-plus new amenity options, so guests know what to expect

    • You can now attract guests searching for amenities like “scenic views” and “beach access,” along with details like what kind of coffee maker you provide

    • We’ve also made it easier to edit your listing details with a new layout

    Small listing details, from the kind of coffee a guest is served to the view that greets them each morning, can have a huge impact on a trip. We want to make it easier for you to tell potential guests more about the specific amenities your space offers, helping you set expectations and provide a five-star stay. That’s why we’ve added more than 40 new amenity options, plus new ways to be more specific and edit your listing details. 

    Guests can search for listings with specific amenities, so these new features help you attract the perfect guests for your setup. 

    Show off a room with a view

    The detail you’re proudest of might be the forest scene outside of your living room window or the ocean panorama from your sunroom, so we’ve added “scenic view” to the amenity options. Now you can make your home stand out, whether it has a mountain view, a lake view, or even a partial lake view. Guests will be able to find listings featuring their favorite scenery—and you’ll be able to set realistic expectations of what that view is like.

    You can add a scenic view in the ‘Listing Details’ section of Manage Your Space. Simply select your listing to edit.

    Choose from more than 40 new amenities

    Whether your space shines with an outdoor kitchen, a patio, or a blender for morning smoothies, guests want to know about it. Here are a few of the new amenity options you can choose from:

    • Beach access
    • Resort access
    • Exercise equipment
    • Hammock
    • Reading materials 

    When guests know what to expect during their stay, they can plan ahead. And setting expectations is key: We’ve learned from our Superhosts that your property doesn’t have to be perfect—but it’s crucial to tell guests exactly what they’ll find when they arrive.

    Check out the popular amenities section

    We grouped the most popular amenities to help you find and select them at a glance. For instance, you can now indicate that your place has wifi, a TV, a dedicated workspace, a washer, air conditioning, and more—all in one section.

    We’ve continued to group amenities by area so you can still choose all of your kitchen amenities at once, but we added the popular amenities section to make it even simpler to tell guests that you have the features they search for most frequently.

    Let your guests know the specifics

    Previously on Airbnb, you could use the amenities feature to let guests know that you offer a dedicated workspace or an outdoor space like a patio. But now you can provide potential guests with even more details. For example, you can help remote workers find their ideal setup by specifying that it features a desk, a monitor, an office chair, or a table and you can let guests know if a patio is private or shared.

    You can also be more specific about several other amenities, including:

    • Streaming services and devices, including Apple TV, Netflix, Disney+, and more
    • Coffee maker, whether drip, Keurig, or an espresso machine
    • Barbecue, from a selection of charcoal to wood-burning
    • Indoor fireplace, whether it’s electric or wood-burning, for instance
    • Heating and cooling systems

    If the amenities change at your listing, it’s now easier for you to quickly update them, allowing you to continue to focus on what you do best—providing great hospitality to your guests.

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    Dec 7, 2020
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