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    Booking a trip: What to do if you’re new

    Welcome to Airbnb! From here, you can go anywhere—but first, a little help to get you on your way.

    Introduce yourself

    It’s tempting to go straight into search, but first things first: Complete your profile. This gives potential Hosts a chance to learn about you while reviewing your trip requests. Be sure to verify your ID and include a profile photo, too—some Hosts require them.

    Find your happy place

    Is it just us, or is planning a trip almost as fun as going on one? With millions of unique places around the world, you’re destined to find one that has everything you need for a comfortable and memorable stay.

    When searching for a place, include your dates and number of guests to get the most accurate pricing.

    Carefully review the following for each listing:

    • Description
    • Photos
    • Reviews
    • House rules
    • Amenities
    • Cancellation policy

    Feel free to message the Host with any additional questions—they’ll typically respond within 24 hours.

    Once you’ve settled on a place, book it! Each Host has their own style: Some are happy to let you book instantly, while others require you to send a request for approval. Learn how to book and what to expect.

    Watch for invites and special offers

    If you message a Host about specific dates, they might respond with an invite or special offer. Lucky you! That means you can book immediately right through the message thread, but you’ll want to act fast. Learn more about how invites work.

    Did you get the help you needed?

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