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How to book Instant Book and regular listings

You’ve found the perfect place to stay—and now, you’re ready to book. Let’s do this!

First, make sure your account is set up. Then, depending on the type of listing, you can either book instantly or send a request to the Host.

Send a reservation request

Booking on desktop

  1. Click the listing you want to reserve
  2. Select dates, number of guests, then click Reserve
  3. If you are shown Confirm and pay, you can book instantly
  4. If you are shown Request to book, you can add payment info, review the policies and terms, and message the Host before you submit the request

What happens next?

If you booked instantly, you’re good to go. If you sent a request, your Host will typically respond within 24 hours. In the meantime, we may ask you to verify your identity—as this helps us to ensure the safety of our community.

In everywhere but India, if the Host accepts your request, you’ll be charged for the reservation. If they decline or don’t respond within 24 hours, there's no charge and you’ll be free to book a different stay instead.

For guests paying in Indian rupees, you'll be charged for the reservation when you request to book. If your request expires or is declined by the Host, we'll immediately refund you in full, which can take up to 15 days, depending on your bank.

Book faster with Instant Book

Instant Book listings (these are the ones with the Confirm and pay buttons) don't require approval from the Host. Instead, you can just choose your travel dates, filter your search to show only Instant Book listings, and book instantly without waiting for the Host to respond. You can still message the Host ahead of time with any questions.

Bookings within 48 hours of check-in

Instant Book isn't available if you book within 2 days of check-in and you want to arrive at a time that's outside the Host’s check-in window. In this case, the Host will receive a Request to Book reservation and they’ll decide if your requested check-in time still works for them. If not, they don’t have to accept the reservation.

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