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What happens if your reservation request is declined or expires

If your reservation request is declined by the Host or expires (Hosts have 24 hours to respond), no reservation is made and you’re free to book another place to stay.

If you’re unsure of the status of your reservation request, learn how to find your reservation status as a guest.

What an expired reservation request means

The Host took longer than 24 hours to accept or decline the request, and it expired.

What a declined reservation request means

The Host declined your reservation request. Find out more about why Hosts may decline reservation requests.

If your request expired and you’re still interested in booking the Host’s place

Things come up, and the Host may have missed your reservation request. If it expired without a response from the Host and you're still interested in booking their place, you can simply send them another reservation request.

You can also message the Host directly and let them know about your interest in booking their place. It often helps to let the Host know why you like their place, who will be staying with you, and generally why you’re traveling to their area.

If your request was declined and you’re still interested in booking the Host’s place

Often, Hosts let guests know why they declined a reservation request, but they may not always provide that info.

If your reservation request was declined and the listing for the stay shows that it's still available, the Host’s calendar may not be up-to-date, they may want reservations of a different length or time, or they may have another reason for declining.

Feel free to reach out to the Host directly. You can send them a message expressing your continued interest and ask if there's any flexibility to accommodate your stay. This communication can open the door to potential adjustments or clarification that could make your reservation possible. Check out some of the reasons why a Host may decline a reservation request and what you can do before booking to help them get to know you. 

Your payment if your reservation request is declined or expires

The authorization placed on your payment method will be removed. Or, if your payment method was already charged, you’ll be refunded. Find out more about what happens to your payment if a reservation request is declined or expires.

Book a listing immediately without a sending for Host approval

Instant Book listings allow you to book immediately without needing to send a request to the Host for approval. You can find a stay you can book instantly by using the Instant Book search filter.

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