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Find your reservation status as a guest

Your reservation status keeps you updated on all kinds of things, such as whether you're confirmed or need to do something like verify your ID or leave a review. You can find your reservation status by following these steps.

Check your reservation status

Check reservation status on desktop

  1. Click Messages
  2. Find the reservation message from your Host
  3. The reservation status is shown within the message thread

A confirmed status means you’re good to go! You’ll receive an email saying so, along with a text (SMS) and a push notification if you have those set up. Learn where to find your confirmation code.

If your reservation isn’t confirmed

For Instant Book listings, your reservation is automatically confirmed. If you sent the Host a reservation request, they have 24 hours to respond. If they decline or don’t respond, no worries: You won’t be charged and are free to book a different stay. Either way, be sure your account is up to date with valid payment information and your verified ID. (Some Hosts require it.)

Not sure about your status? Find out what other statuses mean.

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