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Payouts for monthly stays

When guests settle in for a monthly stay, you can look forward to a more reliable source of income for a while.

When you’ll receive payouts for monthly stays

For reservations that are 28 nights or more, we collect payments in monthly installments.

  • We’ll charge your guest for the first month upfront and release that first payment to you 24 hours after their scheduled check-in.
  • Upcoming payouts are released to you on a monthly basis, based on the check-in date, for the duration of the reservation.
  • Once payouts are released by Airbnb, how long it takes you to get your money depends on your payout method’s processing time. Find the processing times for payout methods.

Find your monthly payouts

You can check the status of your monthly payouts in your earnings dashboard.

Payouts may be delayed for new Hosts

If you’re a new Host, we may hold your payouts for 30 days after your first reservation is confirmed. If your first reservation is more than 30 days away, your payout will be released 24 hours after your guest’s scheduled start date. This will apply to any payouts scheduled for release during those 30 days.

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