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What monthly stays can offer

Listings that accept monthly stays (28 nights or more) offer plenty of benefits:

Essential amenities for living

These listings are typically outfitted with amenities that accommodate longer stays, including:

  • Kitchen
  • Wifi
  • Essentials (toilet paper, soap, towels, bed linens, and pillows)

When searching for monthly stays, amenities like these are highlighted in the listing pages of your search results and on the listing page.

Flexible booking options

Specify a precise start and end date, or, if you are more flexible with your dates, adjust your date range by up to 14 days, allowing a greater range of available listings.

Split your stay between two listings

Split stays is a feature that allows you to split longer stays between 2 different listings. Each split stay pairs 2 consecutive stays for the span of your dates, allowing you to explore different listings, neighborhoods, or even different destinations, during your trip. Search easily for longer stays and flex dates by 14 nights with the monthly dial. Find out how to split your monthly stay.

Discounted monthly pricing and deferred payments

Staying for 28 nights or more can open up new discounted rates for your stay. 

Guests staying for 28 nights or longer are able to pay for their stay on a monthly basis. Find out more about paying for your monthly stay.

Pay with your bank account and save

We’re introducing a new way to pay for monthly stays for travelers based in the US. Now you can save when you pay with your bank account for eligible reservations of 28 nights or more. 

Learn more about paying with your bank account for monthly stays.

Additional information for Hosts

Find out how to get started hosting monthly stays.

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