Use guest reviews to improve

Embrace feedback as an opportunity to grow.
By Airbnb on Feb 26, 2024
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Updated Feb 26, 2024

Better ratings and reviews can lead to more bookings and higher earnings. Here’s how to handle the review process and turn input into upgrades.

Ask for feedback

Show guests you’re committed to improving by requesting feedback.

  • Send a scheduled message at checkout. Ask guests for private feedback, including specific ideas about how you could have made their experience even better.

  • Review your guests. This reminds them to publicly review you. You have 14 days after checkout to review each other.

Learn from ratings and reviews

Develop a simple process to determine which suggestions to incorporate.

  • Read every review. Thank guests for their input and consider what makes sense for your space and routine, as well as for other guests.
  • Pay attention to star ratings. Guests can provide a star rating in specific categories, and choose from a list of what went well or could have gone better. Look for trends, such as guests consistently selecting “excessive clutter” when rating cleanliness or “unclear instructions” when rating check-in.

Make improvements

It’s always possible to improve on what you offer guests.

  • Respond to reviews. When guests leave suggestions, reply to thank them and address their feedback. This shows you take feedback seriously. If you’re replying to a public review, your response will appear below theirs.
  • Focus on solutions. When there’s an issue, identify the root cause, and figure out what you can control. For example, you might brighten a dark room by using lamps, shade plants, and mirrors.
  • Share feedback with your support team. You might need to give additional guidance to Co-Hosts and cleaners. For example, if guests are finding crumbs in the couch, pass that on to anyone who helps you clean.
  • Update your listing. Reviews tend to reflect how closely you meet expectations. Be sure your amenities, photos, and listing description match what you currently offer.

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Feb 26, 2024
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