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    Pricing tools you can use to attract more bookings

    Preview the price guests will pay and set discounts for longer stays.
    By Airbnb on Nov 9, 2021
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    Updated Dec 14, 2022


    • Now you can access the price preview tool right from your hosting calendar

    • Weekly and monthly discounts often lead to higher occupancy and lower turnover

    Your nightly price should do two things: meet your financial goals as a Host and offer value to guests. These Airbnb tools can help you set a price that does both.

    Price preview

    Guests want to find a great place and a good value. To keep your rate competitive, it’s important to understand how your price shows up for guests as they search for places to stay.

    The price preview tool lets you check how much your guests will pay depending on their travel plans. You can select any number of guests and pets for any range of dates, and preview your price for that potential reservation. You’ll get a breakdown of the total price, including fees and discounts, and your earnings.

    To use the tool, go to your hosting calendar. Select one or more dates your listing has available, and then tap “Edit.” If you’re using Airbnb in a browser, skip “Edit”—there’s no button. Next, tap or click the nightly price box, then go to “Preview what guests pay.”

    The price preview tool is now available on your calendar by tapping any available date. It’s also in your Booking settings.

    “With the price preview tool, you actually know what guests are paying versus just what you’re receiving out of that,” says Jake, a Superhost in Big Bear, California.

    As a Host, you always control your price, and you can update it whenever you’d like. Any changes you make won’t affect pending or confirmed reservations.

    Discounts for longer stays

    Weekly and monthly discounts often lead to higher occupancy, lower turnover, and less work for you. You choose the percentage of your nightly price you want to offer as a discount.

    Weekly discounts apply to all bookings of seven nights or more. Monthly discounts apply to all bookings of 28 nights or more. If you offer both, the monthly discount overrides the weekly one.

    The discounts tool automatically calculates the amount and applies it to the guest’s total. Your discounted price is shown next to your original price (with a strike through it) in guest search results. It also shows up this way in the price breakdown on your listing page.

    To set a weekly or monthly discount, tap the gear icon in your calendar, then “Length-of-stay pricing” and add a percentage.

    “Our rental is in a weekend recreation area where guests rarely stay outside the Friday-to-Monday window,” says Casey, a Host in Leawood, Kansas. “We benefit by offering a discount of 14.3% or higher, which is equal to one night’s stay or more, to entice people to stay a week. If someone stays seven nights, it’s still more than we would normally expect to make that week.”

    Before you offer a discount, be sure to read the Host discount policy.

    You can also find these tools in the Booking settings (for mobile) or Pricing and availability settings (for desktop) of your listing.

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    Nov 9, 2021
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