How to provide self check-in for smooth arrivals

Save time and give guests greater flexibility.
By Airbnb on Jul 20, 2020
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Updated Nov 29, 2023

Adding self check-in can save you and your guests time and make your listing more appealing. Guests can filter search results by booking options, so including self check-in helps your listing stand out.

Follow these three steps to start using self check-in.

Choose how guests get inside

Three popular self check-in options are keypads, smart locks, and lockboxes.

  • Keypads work with electronic door locks. Guests use a code instead of a key to open the door. Not having to keep track of a key means it never gets lost.
  • Smart locks are electronic locks you can control remotely, usually through a Bluetooth or wifi connection. Where smart lock integration is available, you can connect compatible smart locks to your Airbnb account and automatically generate a unique code that’s only active during the guest’s stay.
  • Lockboxes store keys securely outside a home. Guests enter a code to access the key. Choose a spot for your lockbox that’s easy to find and reach, and change the code between bookings. Some Hosts use lockboxes as a backup for keypads and smart locks.

Set up clear instructions

Help guests know how to get inside before they arrive.

  • Add details to your check-in instructions. Explain exactly how to use your keypad, smart lock, or lockbox. Include a picture of each step of the process.
  • Schedule a welcome message. Save time by scheduling a message for guests a couple days before check-in. Include helpful tips, like printing or taking screenshots of the check-in instructions in case cell service is spotty.

Create a secure process

As a Host, you’re responsible for creating a safe check-in process for guests. Make sure every guest has a unique access code. Some Hosts use the last four digits of a guest’s phone number to make it easier to remember.

Once you’ve set up self check-in and added instructions, go to your Arrival guide in the Listings tab to update your check-in method.

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Jul 20, 2020
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