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    Hosts on Airbnb are making their homes more sustainable

    Learn how to become a more environmentally-friendly Host with these expert tips.
    By Airbnb on Apr 21, 2021
    7 min read
    Updated Apr 21, 2021


    • Learn simple ways to host more sustainably, from recycling and cutting out single-use plastics to adopting more renewable energy

    • Reducing food waste can help the environment and your community

    • Get more green ideas in our sustainable hosting series

    Last year, Airbnb hosted a Meet the Experts event in Edinburgh, Scotland, for Hosts to find out more about sustainability and energy saving from a number of trusted authorities, including Big Clean Switch and Olio. These experts had a lot to say about improving energy efficiency, switching suppliers, recycling, and food waste.

    Now, with Earth Day on April 22—and to empower Hosts with environmentally-friendly habits they can practice year round—we’re sharing these tips and tricks again with Airbnb’s Host community. Check out what these experts have to say:

    Anna, Superhost: How small, everyday changes can have the biggest impact on your footprint.

    Rebecca Walker, Partnerships Director at Big Clean Switch: How switching to renewable energy can lower your bills.

    Saasha Celestial-One, COO at Olio: How reducing food waste can help the environment and feed your local community.

    While we’re always looking to offer ideas and tools to help you succeed at hosting, nobody knows best practices more than our Host community. We’re currently working closely with Airbnb’s Host Advisory Board to create a sustainable hosting content series filled with expert tips and suggestions for making your space and habits more environmentally friendly—and helping your guests reduce their carbon footprint when they travel.

    We believe environmentally-sustainable travel will be a growing trend among travelers, and we want to help you prepare. Check out our sustainable hosting series for more tips.
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    Apr 21, 2021
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