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    Ground rules for guests

    A new system that requires guests to respect your home and follow house rules.
    By Airbnb on Nov 16, 2022
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    Updated Nov 16, 2022


    • Ground rules hold guests accountable in three areas: cleanliness, communication, and house rules

    • Repeated violations result in consequences for guests

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    This year, 84% of Airbnb reservations between January and June ended with a five-star review. You’ve been going to great lengths to take care of guests, and we want to make sure we’re taking care of you too.

    To help ensure guests respect your homes, we’re introducing ground rules—a new set of enforceable standards that all guests must follow. They’re simple and clear, and we show them to every guest before they book.

    Setting clear rules for guests

    Ground rules require guests to respect your home, follow your house rules, and communicate promptly if issues arise.

    These expectations aren’t new, but our system of enforcement is. Ground rules go hand in hand with our updated reviews process, which will gather more details from Hosts and guests after every stay. 

    For example, if a guest leaves your carpets dirty and you report the issue, either by giving a low cleanliness rating in the new reviews process or contacting Community Support, we'll hold the guest accountable.

    If guests break ground rules, they get a warning the first time. If the issues persist, they could be suspended or removed from Airbnb. Get more info

    Enforcing your house rules

    House rules have always been a way for you to set expectations with guests from the start. With ground rules, any house rule you choose from the list below will be enforced regarding:

    • Pets
    • Events
    • Smoking
    • Vaping and e-cigarettes (new)
    • Quiet hours (new)
    • Check-in and checkout times (new)
    • Maximum number of guests (new)
    • Commercial photography and filming (new)

    Your house rules are also featured more prominently in four places: on your listing page, on the confirmation screen as guests book your space, and in the Pack Your Bags email and Arrival Guide guests receive ahead of their trip.

    If you notify a guest that they’ve violated your house rules and it leads to the guest leaving a retaliatory review, you can dispute that review with our updated reviews process.

    Reinforcing cleanliness and communication

    With ground rules, the same process of enforcement applies to cleanliness and communication. You can report cleanliness and communication issues in the new reviews process, or reach out to Community Support.

    If you write additional, reasonable house rules or checkout requests, the guest will be made aware of these rules before they book a stay.

    Ground rules were developed as a direct result of your feedback. We hope you’ll continue to share your ideas with us.

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    Nov 16, 2022
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