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Provide a memorable trip with these top tips.
By Airbnb on May 8, 2024
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Updated May 8, 2024

Thoughtful preparation is the foundation of a five-star stay. Use this five-step guide to get started.

Step 1: Setting expectations

Make your listing appealing while being honest about what you offer.

  • Be transparent about what guests will find. Go into detail about your neighborhood and amenities to help guests decide whether your place is a good fit.

  • Update your listing as it changes. This includes adding new amenities and keeping your photos current. Some Hosts even update their photos to match the season.

“Include descriptions of your property’s quirks in a way that’s honest and clear,” says Nikki, a Superhost in San Francisco. “It’s really an exercise in empathy. You want to provide enough transparency to help your guests select the property they want.”

Step 2: Making check-in and checkout a breeze

Guests expect a smooth arrival and departure.

  • Write clear check-in instructions. Explain the process step by step, and include any details that might be helpful, such as photos or a map with arrows.

  • Minimize checkout tasks. Your instructions should require little to no effort to follow. Let guests know how to lock the door on their way out.

“We keep our checkout process as simple as possible,” says Keshav, a Host Advisory Board member and Superhost in New Delhi. “The cleaner comes in and does everything, so the guests don’t worry about a thing.”

Step 3: Creating a warm welcome

Consider how guests will feel when they enter your space and what they’ll remember after they leave.

  • Design a cozy place. Include creature comforts, like pillows and throw blankets. Designate areas for guests to put their belongings.

  • Showcase your community. Consider decorating with local art or leaving a regional treat. Share your favorite spots in a guidebook.

  • Make yourself available. Let guests know they can reach you anytime. Set your notifications to alert you when guests send messages.

“The most important thing is that guests feel like the space is theirs,” says Catherine, a Superhost in Columbus, Ohio. “Take the time to clear out anything that might feel like guests are in someone else’s house.”

Step 4: Preparing for the unexpected

Think through how to handle a range of issues that might come up during a guest’s stay.

  • Stock emergency supplies. Equip your space with a fire extinguisher, first-aid kit, and flashlight. Share emergency phone numbers in the event guests need help.

  • Understand how you’re protected. AirCover for Hosts provides top-to-bottom protection, which is always included and always free.

  • Line up a support team. Develop relationships with a maintenance crew. Add a Co-Host to ensure someone is always available to respond to guests.

Step 5: Giving and getting reviews

Ratings and reviews can help you improve what you offer, and build trust among guests.

  • Review your guests. This is a chance to express gratitude, share feedback, and remind guests to review you. Hosts and guests have 14 days after checkout to review each other.
  • Pay attention to star ratings. Guests can rate their overall stay, and also give you stars for cleanliness, accuracy, check-in, communication, location, and value.
  • Respond to reviews. Use this as an opportunity to show you’re open to improving. If you reply to a guest’s public review, your response will appear right below it.

“It’s important to take reviews to heart,” says Sadie, a Superhost in Santa Fe, New Mexico. “Guests are really your guide to getting to five stars.”

If you haven’t received your first booking yet, you can get one-to-one guidance from a Superhost. They’re the top-rated and most experienced Hosts on Airbnb.

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May 8, 2024
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