Communicating effectively with guests

Respond quickly and use Airbnb’s tools for success.
By Airbnb on Feb 17, 2023
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Updated Feb 17, 2023

It’s crucial that guests have important info before they check in, like directions and instructions for accessing your place. As part of ground rules for Hosts, you should always be willing to answer questions and resolve issues from guests as soon as possible.

Setting up a communication strategy

Once your guests have settled in, remain available if they have questions. Try these tips for being responsive:

  • Download the Airbnb app to your phone and turn on notifications. You can receive notifications via text, email, or directly from the app.
  • Use quick replies. Draft and save messages to send in seconds—so every time a guest asks a common question, you can answer quickly.
  • Try scheduled messages. With this tool, guests receive automated messages at important times, like after booking or before check-in.
  • Enlist a Co-Host to help respond to guests if you’re going to be unable to monitor your phone or email.

Messaging with guests

When a guest books your space, send a warm and welcoming message. Showing empathy—and not making assumptions—goes a long way.

Remember to get in touch at these key moments:

  • Pre-arrival: Give guests clear directions and check-in instructions at least 24 hours before their scheduled arrival.
  • Check-in: Be available to make sure your guests get inside and answer any questions they have.
  • After the first night: Keep communication open by sending a quick note to ask how your guests’ first night was and if they need anything.
  • Before checkout: Remind guests of checkout time and any checkout needs, like turning off the lights or turning down the heat.
  • After departure: Send a quick note to express thanks, which may help remind guests to write a review.
Feb 17, 2023
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