Unique things to do in Playa Sayulita

Unique things to do in Playa Sayulita

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Don Pedro's Restaurant & Bar114 locals recommend
Tierra Viva40 locals recommend
WildMex Surf and Adventure14 locals recommend
Lunazul Surf School and Shop14 locals recommend
El Costeño11 locals recommend
Cocos Beach Club Sayulita10 locals recommend

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Hike in mountains, beach and virgin jungle
It will be a fantastic hike that will awaken all your senses. We will have the opportunity to enjoy in a friendly and educational environment with the peace and serenity that this landscape has to offer. Starting from the heart of the magical town we will explore alleys between the virgin jungle, we will see flora and wild fauna (birds, turtles, fish, crabs, etc.) we will pass through caves, rivers, solitary beaches, connected between the mountains and their cliffs. We will witness the magnitude of the sea and enjoy a comfortable swim in its waters, we will learn about the general culture of the place, the stories and the current situation of this federal area. At the end of the tour with the sunset over the Pacific, you will have the gratitude of feeling connected and at one with the goodness of nature and all that it has to offer us. This will awaken awareness and respect for the environment. You will be fascinated with this beautiful place Other things to note They must be predisposed to make a little effort going down and up small paths between rocks, roots, water, sand and others.
Walks through the jungle to hidden beaches
Encuentra tu experiencia única por el pequeño y hermoso paraíso llamado Sayulita :) Disfrutaremos de una caminata/ hike rumbo a las Playa de Malpaso (Selva) . Si eres amante de la naturaleza y la libertad de la playa es el plan perfecto. Rutas hermosas con la presencia de interminables palmeras y una inmensa vegetación que atraviesa la selva del pueblo. Mi compañera de viaje y sub-guía sera Alika (mi adorable perra , muy pacifica y juguetona). Contemplar el atardecer en estos paraisos es el mejor cierre al dia que puede haber.. :). La duracion de la actividad es de entre 3/4 horas, podremos ir tanto en la mañana como en el atardecer. IG: @francorossi_pingui
Mindful yoga and hike to private beach
Hiking & yoga! What better way to experience the gorgeous landscapes that Sayulita has to offer. We will hike through the lush jungle taking in the sights. The hike is three miles(5k) round trip. We will pass views that are completely breathtaking. Along the way we will see a large variety of tropical exotic plants, birds, butterflies, and more palm trees than you can imagine. Once we arrive to a private secluded beach we will begin our yoga practice under the trees in the shade. There is nothing like hearing the serene sounds of the waves crashing and birds chirping as you mediate and practice yoga. The yoga class is all levels whether you are a beginner or experienced practitioner this is for you. By connecting mindful movements and the breath we give ourselves the opportunity to disconnect and quiet the mind, taking in all of the elements of nature. You do not need any experience in yoga or hiking to participate in this experience. I’m happy to take beach yoga photos for you after we finish our class. ☺️ if there’s a date or time you’d like that isn’t listed, send me a message and we will make it work :) I also offer private yoga brought to you
Temazcal, ritual de limpieza y purificación
Primero vamos a prepararnos mental y fisicamente para entrar al temazcal, hidratándonos con tés y bebidas de cacao. Concentraremos nuestra atención e intención frente al fuego antes de entrar al temazcal, en el cuál estaremos a oscuras en 4 intervalos de tiempo. Durante cada intervalo conectaremos con un rumbo y un elemento los cuales se relacionan con áreas de la Vida. Las Piedras Volcánicas o “Abuelitas” que calentamos hasta poner “contentas” o al rojo vivo, son introducidas al temazcal junto a nosotros y son “bañadas” con tés medicinales y el vapor resultante nos ayuda a limpiar nuestro cuerpo, mente y alma. First, we’re going to prepare ourselves mentally, emotional and physically to get into the temazcal, hydrating ourselves with different herb teas and cacao beverages. We’re going to focus on our intention and attention infront of the sacred Fire, in wich we’ll be heating the “grandmas” (Volcanic Rocks) until they’re “happy” wich means they are red hot. we’re getting into the temazcal, wich is a secure space in wich were going to spend 4 intervals of time in total darkness, we’re going to hear and sing sacred chantings, each of this 4 intervals are related with different aspects of live. The “grandmas” (Volcanic Rocks)are comming with us inside, we will shower them with herbal mixes wich will help to clean or body and mind.
Advance/deposit to book tour Islas Marietas Playa Escondida
THE LISTED COST IS ONLY THE ADVANCE/DEPOSIT FOR BOOKING THE EXPERIENCE… The rest are settled in our office on the day of the tour. The TOTAL COST is $2,200 mxn per person. “Grimar Adventures” We will make a tour to Islas Marietas with 100% guaranteed access to Playa Escondida - Playa del Amor (duration on this beach 30 minutes). AGES ALLOWED: 10-65 years old In addition, we will take a beautiful photo at the Puente De Piedra, do you Snorkel in crystal clear waters during the summer (duration 30 mts), go down to know the Playa Nopalera (white sandy beach where you can walk, swim, get to know its caves, take photos, etc... (duration 30 minutes), You will be surprised with La Bufadora as it throws water under pressure(when there are waves), you will get to know the Birds Bobos De Patas Azules one of the most extravagant birds of the Pacific, you will love our different arches, caves and amazing stone figures. We have all the corresponding permits and extensive experience to carry out these activities, find us on the web “We accept VISA, MasterCard and AMEX” TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE $100 MXN DISCOUNT PER PERSON BY CASH PAYMENT ON THE DAY OF THE TOUR.
EcoHike at Night to Secret Beach, Jungle Walk, flora & fauna
Emprenderemos nuestro rumbo hacia la selva virgen al caer el atardecer. Vamos a explorar entre los arroyos, montañas y playas paradisíacas en busca de vida silvestre nocturna:(insectos, tortugas, mapaches, zorros, tejones, cangrejos, aves) Aprenderemos sobre flora y fauna durante todo el recorrido. Podremos disfrutar de un recreo en una playa virgen donde platicaremos sobre historias locales y todo lo que necesitas saber para empatizar con la naturaleza y la conservación de este magnifico lugar Esta experiencia es para ti: -Si amas la aventura -Si deseas explorar una parte oculta de Sayulita -Si te gusta la naturaleza y la adrenalina de explorar de noche -Si eres amante de la vida salvaje -Si estás predispuesto a caminar bajo la luz de la luna y en buena compañía -Si quieres saber sobre todos los secretos ocultos de la vida nocturna en la selva El comienzo del recorrido es al caer el atardecer, eso nos da tiempo a nuestro sentido de la visión de poder amoldarse y acostumbrarse a la noche. Contamos con linternas de luz blanca led para c/u de los huéspedes, para que puedan ir viendo el camino y el recorrido. También contamos con linternas de distintos colores y tonalidades que nos van a servir para poder observar los diferentes tipos de fauna ocultos entre el paisaje. La seguridad es nuestra prioridad, contamos con todos los elementos necesarios para hacerte sentir cómod@
Yoga frente al Mar es una experiencia inigualable
¡Descubre una experiencia única de Yoga en un entorno paradisíaco frente al mar! Únete a nuestras clases adaptadas a tu nivel y necesidades, y disfruta de una relajación profunda. Mar/Jue | Ezequiel Sisterna 9:30 am Mie/Vie | Isabel Jauregui 9:30 am Ubicados en el salón a pie de playa de Tierra Tropical Beach Club, con vistas espectaculares del océano y todas sus maravillas matutinas como observar cientos de aves y, en temporada, incluso avistar ballenas. Después de la sesión, aprovecha el día en las amenidades que ofrece el Club de Playa, disponibles con un costo adicional: Deleítate con nuestra oferta gastronómica o simplemente relajarte en la espectacular alberca de borde infinito. Discover a unique Yoga experience in a tropical landscape by the ocean! Join our classes adapted to your level and needs and enjoy deep relaxation. Tue/Thu | Ezequiel Sisterna 9:30 am Wed/Fri | Isabel Jauregui 9:30 am Located at the beachfront salon of Tierra Tropical Beach Club, with spectacular views of the ocean and all its morning marvels like watching hundreds of birds and, in-season, even catch a glimpse of whales. After the session, spend the day enjoying the amenities offered by the Beach Club, available with an additional cost: Delight yourself with our gastronomic proposal in front of the sea, or simply relax in the spectacular infinity pool. Check in our website Tierratropical
Best Tacos of Sayulita Tasting Walk
(""Ask about our Day of the Dead special from October 1 to November 20"") Tacos: perhaps the most emblematic food of Mexico. In this food tour, we will stroll through town and visit the best taco stands in Sayulita. I will take you to the very same taquerias that I take my visiting friends and family to taste the tastiest tacos of them all. You will eat all the tacos that you want. (We do have options for vegetarians!) You see, there is no single best taco stand in Sayulita. Rather, there is a place that serves the best pastor, best asada, best seafood, best vegetarian, etc. I will let you know which puesto is the best for each type of tacos! Learn about my beloved town Sayulita, talk about great waves and what other surf spots to visit while you are here, and enjoy the best tacos most loved by actual Mexicans with a passionate local. This guided taco safari is awaiting you!
Private surf lessons with a true local
Ask for our specials! Check out photos and videos @exploresayulita First, we go over the basics on the beach. I will teach you the best techniques and practice. When you're ready, we paddle out and I stay with you and instruct you every step of the way. Whether the lesson is one-on-one or with a group of your friends and family, I will make sure everyone catches some waves. The whole point is to have fun! Session photography upon request Other things to note Please wear lots of sunscreen! Don't have a heavy meal before surfing. Have a light snack such as fruit. Drink lots of water during the day, a hydrated body makes the world of a difference.
Sayulita Jungle Mountain Biking
ALL PROFITS FROM THIS EXPERIENCE GOES TOWARDS BUILDING AND MAINTAINING THOSE LOCAL MTB TRAILS!!! We will meet in downtown Sayulita at our local Bike Rental & Repair Shop, located half a block from Sayulita's main beach on Calle Pelicanos , which goes alongst the main Sayulita River, where our guests will get a high quality full suspension Mountain bike, helmet, water bottle and gloves. (*Note, the river is dry during most of the winter and spring but the dry river bed is clearly visible) From there, we will head North through sayulita’s charming cobblestone streets for 1 Km until we reach the beautiful jungle area between Sayulita and San Pancho. You will be able to ride a wide variety of Jungle Singletrack trails. A flatter beginner ride heading to the beach, or an advanced trail climbing all the way to the top of the mountains for a great view and some flowy singletracks descents. Surrounded by lush, green jungle, crossing streams, and riding tight, super fun singletracks. We will stop along the way to take in the incredible flora and fauna around us, or try a short technical section. Most of our rides take about 2 hours. Take in consideration that there is plenty of riding here for an advanced rider to ride for about 2.5 hours none stop!
Jungle hike with biologist in wildlife sanctuary
Please contact me to check for additional availability! Come and hike with a biologist through the jungle close to Sayulita. I will take you on a tour to discover the beauty of the diverse fauna and flora of this unique part of Mexico. The 6km long round trail leads you through different types of forest and along riverbeds. You will experience some great views and who knows what wildlife we will encounter? The area is home to more than 100 different bird species, jaguars, coatis, deer and reptiles to name just a few. Natikari is a privately owned wildlife sanctuary only accessible with guides. You will have an absolutely magical nature experience away from the crowds whilst supporting conservation. We will meet at the gas station at the entrance to Sayulita. From there we will start the hike. After about 20 minutes we will reach the wildlife sanctuary Natikari. You will walk a narrow and in places steep jungle trail, so you should be reasonably fit and able to navigate uneven terrain. I can provide some hiking poles. The whole tour lasts about 4 hours. You can also follow me @natikariranchoverde for more info. This hike is not suitable for small kids. Please contact me for shorter options.
Horseback riding Thru the Jungle & Beach
El recorrido dura alrededor de 1 hr o 1 hr y media, antes de empezar el guia te dara una explicacion sobre como montar y algunas pautas de seguridad, cabalgaremos por la playa hasta llegar a la playa Kestos despues nos adentraremos en la jungla donse podras disfrutar de la hermosa naturaleza , despues llegaremos a la playa Virgen Malpasos donde podras disfrutar de un atardecer dependiendo del horario y si lo deseas cabalgar mientras sientes como rompen las olas y la brisa del mar!
The Food of My People: Brunch Tasting Walk
In this culinary tasting walk, we will meander down the cobblestoned streets on the hunt for the tastiest traditional Mexican food in Sayulita. We will visit a señor who only brings out his tradition drink cart out in the morning (if he’s open—no one really knows his hours…), see how carnitas are made, and taste some traditional breakfasts that I and my family grew up with. While walking and filling our stomaches with delicious Mexican treats, we will get the backstory to some of the items we sample to set the cultural perspective. Come hungry, and leave with some knowledge of Mexican food and a full belly. This tour is more than just food; it's a cultural experience! As your guide, my goal is to offer you a unique perspective both in the local cuisine and life in Sayulita in general. Why spend your time on forums online when you have an expert who can take you to experience the best Mexican food and drinks under the Sayulita sun? I love my life in Sayulita, I love my country and I want to share my passion with you!
Sunset surf experience on secluded beach
Let us take you to the best wave to learn on in Mexico! La Lancha, this is the Mexican Waikiki with its consistent and user friendly surf! All of our coaches that are fully certified ISA (International Surf) and qualified beach lifeguards, with plenty of experience. The setting is stunning, with its beautiful natural setting and that it's often far less crowded than Sayulita. Here what we will do... You will be met in Sayulita. From there we'll take short (20 minute) ride to La Lancha beach. On arrival we will get you set up with boards and rash vests. Walk on a jungle path to the ocean. Keep your eyes open! There are usually beautiful birds and wildlife along the way! On the beach we will go through the basics of surfing theory before we jump in the sea. In the ocean, we will be right next to you as we guide you through your first few waves or show you where the best breaks are if you're experienced. Once you get your first few waves and feel the magic!! We can enjoy the epic view of the sunset over the Pacific. It is quite common to surf with sea turtles swimming within feet of us! After about 2 hours on the beach or whenever you've had enough surfing we'll return, load our boards and get ready to return to our meeting point. The whole experience last around 3.5 hours until you are back in Sayulita
Birding for beginners
Did you know that the Bahia de Banderas is a hotspot for birds? I will take you into the jungle to introduce you to our rich bird-life in a fun, relaxed and informative experience. This experience is aimed at beginner to advanced birders as I want to share my love for these little critters with you! If you have never done birding before I will give you an introduction on how to use binoculars- you don't need any prior experience. We will meet at the gas station at the entrance of Sayulita. From there we will walk to the private nature reserve Natikari. The dirt road is easy to walk and we can already spot quite a few birds along the way. At the sanctuary we have a great view from an open area to allow for easy birding, a palapa from which you can observe birds while sitting down and a short trail that leads through the denser part of the jungle. Please contact me for alternative dates, starting times or with any questions you might have. The majestic military macaws can only be seen in this area over the summer, over the winter we get a lot of migrant birds from up north and spring is the best time if you want to experience the best bird concerts! April/ May: Breeding season is in full swing and many trees are loosing their leaves which makes it even easier to watch birds. The first military macaws have arrived!
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