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Unique things to do in Jalisco

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Tequila Route / Available
We meet at 10:00 in Guadalajara to leave in our transport (already included) to the Tequila Route. We visit an artisan factory where we will learn about the process of making Tequila, we will walk through the Agave Fields and enter an underground Cava full of barrels with reposado, añejo and extra-añejo tequila, there we will taste each one of them, since the Tastings are already included and are unlimited. We continue with our tour to the famous Cantaritos del Guero in Amatitan Jalisco, another very beautiful town in our state. From there we go to the historic center of Tequila Jalisco, to see its emblematic places such as Mundo Cuervo, Quinta Sauza and its most famous tequila factory stores. We will have 2 hours of free time so that they can eat and continue tasting tequilas. We will be back at the latest at 7:00 p.m. at the same point where we left in the morning, as all Tequila Experts! Other highlights In case you do not have places for your desired date, write to us to reach an agreement :) Our groups are small, so you can fully enjoy the places to visit!
Descubre la ruta del Tequila con un Maestro Tequilero
Enamórate del proceso de elaboración de esta emblemática bebida, orgullosamente mexicana, de la mano de un auténtico Maestro Tequilero; que te enseñará el arte y la ciencia detrás de su producción. Todo eso a través de una experiencia exclusiva, a bordo de SUVs de lujo y con acceso privilegiado a los lugares más representativos de la ruta del tequila. Es una excursión de un día desde Guadalajara a la ruta del Tequila. El servicio de transportación es personalizado. ¡Te recogeremos en tu ubicación! El itinerario es el siguiente: * Delicioso desayuno fresco en un pequeño restaurante mexicano, donde solo lugareños conocen. * Amplia explicación de la denominación de origen del tequila, la biología y la anatomía del agave, la importancia de las plantaciones y cómo la cosecha afecta el sabor del tequila. * Explicación profunda e inmersiva del proceso de tequila por un maestro tequilero dentro de una destilería familiar. * Degustación profesional de tequila y mezcal premium artesanal, con maridaje seleccionado dentro de una cava de tequia VIP. * Visita a un Sky Bar secreto que tiene la vista más impresionante del campo agavero, con snacks, palomas y cantaritos. * Experimenta una comida tradicional en uno de los mejores restaurantes de Tequila * El recorridoco a las atracciones culturales del pueblo de Tequila Visita a los Cantaritos de Guero.
Lucha Saturday, Sundays & Special Dates
Will be a pleasure receive you on my Colorful, Wrestling and Mexican ornaments Patio to introduce ourselves, teach you some history and information about Mexican Wrestling. Then go to the Arena in my own truck or Uber if you prefer it. Transportation to your stay after the matches IS NOT INCLUDED. Once we arrive to the arena I will buy the tickets for well-placed seats or fun stands. And there you will watch the spectacular event full of color, maneuvers and incredible flights of the wrestlers while listening to the fervor, encouragement and jokes of the public into the medium size or small arenas who are more tipycal and local than the big arena, also in these arenas you can see extreme lucha libre and different styles and formats of spectacular lucha libre, ofcourse I will be with you all the time providing directions, recommendations, you can ask anything you want etc. With the purpose that you have a great experience and create uniques memories forever. If you don´t see available places or dates when you want to book just let me know I will be disposed to give you a place. In addition, With a different rate I can offer Special or private Mexican Wrestling Event, Big Groups.
☆ The architecture of Luis Barragan. Tour.
Luis Barragán is the most relevant mexican architect worldwide and in Guadalajara, his hometown, you'll find his first works where he found his own architectural language. We will have access to a couple of houses, thus you will recognize the evolution of his work and understand how he became this famous architect. We will walk around the streets to see some of his works meanwhile I tell you his history and his historic and artistic context.
Make churros in a traditional Mexican home with a chef
PLEASE ASK YOUR HOST ABOUT SPECIAL DIETS WHEN YOU BOOK YOUR SPACE. GLUTEN, BUTTER, AND EGGS ARE USED IN THIS RECIPE. We'll learn to make the basic dough for churros, talk about the history behind Mexican pastry making and enjoy our churros with Mexican hot Chocolate. This is a perfect activity for groups and families on a rainy day and you go home with a recipe to follow and glorious churros. I´m very flexible with times and my other tours. Other things to note WAITING TIME is 15 minutes for regular classes, 20 minutes for private classes, after that the reservation is considered a no show. To protect ingredient freshness and kitchen safety, I set up our kitchen right before you arrive. Because of that, doors open 10 minutes before your experience starts.

Loved by locals

Caminata Meditativa en la Sierra y ritual de gratitud
¿Estas listo para conectar con la naturaleza y tu ser? Expande tus limites en esta experiencia de Meditación Consciente y Ceremonia de Gratitud. Nos encontraremos en zona Romántica de Puerto Vallarta, donde tomaremos el autobús local camino a Boca de Tomatlán. Una vez alli, guiaremos a nuestro Ser a realizar una meditación consciente en la naturaleza rumbo a las Animas, de aproximadamente 2hs. A cada paso, soltaremos las creencias limitantes que impiden conectar con nuestro sentir. Disfrutaremos del contacto con la madre tierra, sonidos de tambor, respiraciones y caminata consciente. Llegando al destino de las Änimas Beach, nos refugiaremos en un lugar aislado, acompañados del mar, y de una vista totalmente única. Nos relajaremos a través de movimientos y respiraciones conscientes. Dando lugar al armado del altar de ofrenda a las 7 direcciones, compartiremos nuestras experiencias, cantos a la madre tierra, vibrando con los sonidos del tambor y cuenco. Ofrendaremos a Yemanyá, Diosa del Mar, nuestras semillas de gestación de nuevas intenciones, en gratitud por la experiencia, y lo soltado durante toda la caminata. Una vez cerrada la ceremonia, y los que requieran daremos un tiempo libre para almorzar en el área de restaurants. Iniciaremos el retorno a Boca de Tomatlán en las embarcaciones de Water Taxi, retornando a Puerto Vallarta en el autobús local.
Unforgettable Scuba Diving Photography Session
Skilled scuba dive photographer with experience in capturing stunning underwater images for clients. Whether you're an experienced diver or new to diving, let's capture the moments you want to share with friends and family. I've partnered with a highly respected, local SCUBA diving outfit which will handle the entire process while I do the shooting. If you have your PADI, you need to have a copy of this, and it needs to be current for you to dive. If you don't have your PADI, you'll need a pool session before you dive, which is also included. Included in the price is all training/equipment rental, onboard snacks/water during the dive, as well as 10 edited photos. As your photographer, I will take photos during your ocean dive. This includes helping you to position yourself and giving you guidance to capture the perfect shot. Why you should book this trip? Scuba diving in tropical paradise is a bucket-list item for a lot of people. Make sure you have an excellent memory you can keep, frame and put up on your wall or your desk at work for years to come. All of my photos will be uploaded to a secure page where you will have access to them for 30 days to download. Please Note: Although you may be booking for a specific date, the schedule is dependent on weather and availability. I'm fluent in Spanish, English, and 3/5 in French.
Enjoy Guadalajara with Private Chef Emmanuel
Enjoy your very own private chef experience at your place! Take advantage of our group discounts: ★ 10% OFF — groups from 4 to 5 guests ★ 15% OFF — groups of +6 guests To have a closer look at my menus check out the What's Included section below. Learn the secrets hidden within each dish, and enjoy a delicious multi-course meal. Get ready to discover the taste of Guadalajara without leaving your own dining room! I will arrive 90 minutes before your preferred dining time in order to begin working my magic. I won't arrive empty-handed! No-no, I will show up at your doorstep equipped with every ingredient needed in order to prepare your meal. Feel free to put your apron on and cook some of the dishes with me! I am eager to share with you the secrets behind my recipes and Guadalajara´s local hidden treasures. Not in the mood? Well then lay down, relax, enjoy a few appetizers and allow me and my team to take care of you. Eat, share, drink, laugh, and explore Guadalajara's dining scene from your own table. Oh and don’t worry about tidying up, everything will be left spotless for you to continue to enjoy! Please note that to book an experience there is a minimum of 2 guests required.
Hiking to paradise
Let's go for a hiking adventure in Paradise. We will go trecking in the jungle on trails sourranded by palm trees and magestic tropical trees, cross the river a couple of times. This trail is easy and fun for beginners, we wil stroll about 6 km (1 h 30 m aprox. ) only to reach one of the greatest local natural wonders and Icons. Our main destination is an amazing peaceful place with clean and clear natural river pools sourranded by life and beauty, a great place for meditation, swiming, relaxing, recharge with positive energy and connect with nature to the fullest. At the end of our time together we will return infront of Barcelo Hotel where we will have access to drinks, food and public transportation.
Peruzzi is a space of artistic expression. In this gallery you'll find contemporary art, urban art, and sculptures by 20 different artists, and you can also take the experience of painting on a canvas even if you've never painted because that's what it's all about, we're all artists of our lives. It's a limited time since every 90 days we'll change the entire art of the space. Every weekend we have musical performances by local musicians and DJs. The idea is to have a different time and have a good vibe. Art is not what you see but what you make other see. Learn more on Other things to note Everything you'll see in the gallery is for sale, there are products of all kinds of prices, come prepared. #artforeveryone

All activities near Jalisco

Tequila Route and Visit Cantaritos el Güero
We leave Guadalajara at 10:00 to head to the Ruta del Tequila from Av. Chapultepec. It is one of the busiest and busiest streets in Gdl. (INCLUDES ROUND TRANSPORTATION) We offer 2 departures per day in the app but both leave at 10:00 AM and check-in starts at 9:30 AM We guarantee you'll visit the most beautiful sites on the Ruta del Tequila, such as the Historic Center, Los Cantaritos el Güero (the originals), Campos de Agave Azul, and the main square of the Tequila We'll show you the tequila process in detail at the famous “Tres Mujeres” Factory We'll drink Tequila and Spirits there. We entered a larger underground cellar in the region (the one in the tunnel) where there is a tequila rested, aged and extra aged. We visit the Cantaritos el Güero, where they sell the famous giant Cantaros. We travel by transportation for 20 people (not giant trucks) We will give you two hours of free time to enjoy the Magic Village of Tequila and visit its famous shops such as Jose Cuervo, Herradura, Casa Sauza, Cava de Oro and many more! The duration is 9 hours. Note: If you have any special dates and it's not available, please let me know and we'll work with you to make the trip We have been doing this tequila tour for 7 years. We don't have any more tours because we only focus on this route for your convenience. We are specialists and lovers of THE TEQUILA ROUTE
Tequila Route / Available
We meet at 10:00 in Guadalajara to leave in our transport (already included) to the Tequila Route. We visit an artisan factory where we will learn about the process of making Tequila, we will walk through the Agave Fields and enter an underground Cava full of barrels with reposado, añejo and extra-añejo tequila, there we will taste each one of them, since the Tastings are already included and are unlimited. We continue with our tour to the famous Cantaritos del Guero in Amatitan Jalisco, another very beautiful town in our state. From there we go to the historic center of Tequila Jalisco, to see its emblematic places such as Mundo Cuervo, Quinta Sauza and its most famous tequila factory stores. We will have 2 hours of free time so that they can eat and continue tasting tequilas. We will be back at the latest at 7:00 p.m. at the same point where we left in the morning, as all Tequila Experts! Other highlights In case you do not have places for your desired date, write to us to reach an agreement :) Our groups are small, so you can fully enjoy the places to visit!
Experience The Tequila Route/Mariachi & Banda in Cantaritos
If you're looking for Cantaritos, Tequila and friends you've come to the right place Our journey start at 9:30 and transportation is included, we provide you a personalized Tequila experience with local experts, sharing stories and interesting facts Discover Tequila Selecto, a Mexican family run business since 1942 where we'll show you and taste the differences between artisanal and industrial productions Get to know our Tequila process and our tasting area where we will guide you in an UNLIMITED tasting of Blanco, Reposado, Añejo, Cristalino Tequilas as well as SHOTS INCLUDED DURING THE TRIP In the town of Tequila we will give you 2 hours of free time so you can explore to your hearts content as well as recommendations for the best food in the town, you can also continue drinking or visit Jose Cuervo, the Tequila museum among other places on your own We'll dance in Cantaritos El Güero where the Maricahi and the Banda play and refresh ourselves with a drink Lastly a stop at the Blue Landscape of the agave fields with a volcano in the background, ideal for taking pictures Keep in mind: -We have discounts for groups -All departures start at 9:30 AM -If your travel date is not available please contact us -We have departures from Tequila or Guadalajara, transport is included -We use Mercedes Benz/Ford vans 11 YEARS of experience in the industry back us up!
Pub Crawl Guadalajara
Live the original Guadalajara Bars Tour! I'm Checo and I'll take you to the best party in Chapultepec! We visit various bars, with varied atmosphere and music; from a cumbia to a techno track. We do the bar hopping in Guadalajara (Colonia Americana) - party in the tequila´s capital. We meet at this vibe hostel (Bar Efraina), drinking the first beer with new amigos - other traveleres and locals walkers - After a free shot we gonna start to walk to the second place, exploring the authentic soul of the city, between a tequila and a mezcal we go dancing from bar to bar.
Visit Lake Chapala, its Riviera and Ajijic Magic Town
We will meet at 11:00 in Guadalajara to leave in our transport (already included) to the municipality of Chapala. Starting the tour, we will make a quick stop at Vicente Fernandez's ranch and Vicente's famous shop called “Los Tres Potrillos”. It should be noted that the entrance to the ranch is free and is subject to the will of the owners since the death of Vicente Fernandez, if they give us the opportunity we will gladly enter. Then we will visit a tequila factory where they will learn about the artisan making process and we will have some tequila shots and spirits from the house, I assure you that you will enjoy it a lot. At about two in the afternoon we stopped at the best restaurant in the area. From there we go straight to the boat ride where we can sail inside the largest lake in Mexico and you can taste a complimentary drink, I assure you you will be surprised by its size. Then we move to the Magic Village of Ajijic where we will have free time so you can walk through its cobblestone streets and its colorful houses, which are a magnet for photography lovers. Magical town named like this in 2020. Finally we arrive at the town of Chapala, undoubtedly the most representative of the region, there we will give you free time to walk it, try some delicious charal or a very typical jug snow of the region.
Tequila on the skin
We will start the best experience, starting from the La Minerva roundabout, one of the most emblematic places in Guadalajara. Our 1st stop begins at the “Tequilera 3 Mujeres” where we will learn about the semi-artisanal tequila process, the largest underground age cave in the region and the agave fields where you can walk and take incredible photos. We will eat more than 3 types of tequila unlimitedly, in which you can get to know your tequilero profile. We start our second stop in Amatitán, the “Tequila Crib”, we will learn its history and discover some grottoes from the 1500 AD next to the main square, where spring water runs, tasting more tequila and agave craft beer. Our 3rd stop includes the already traditional “Cantaritos del güero de Amatitán” to enjoy for 1 hour of Tequila, regional music and mariachi. Finally, we will head to the Magic Village of Tequila where you will have 2 hours to explore the main square, enjoy the typical cuisine of the place and get to know traditional attractions such as the Papantla flyers, the "José Cuervo" walkway or the Mayahuel mural within the municipal hall. Finally, we meet in downtown Tequila to start our return to Guadalajara and end this great experience at 6:30 pm at the initial point.
Morning Beach Yoga & Meditation on Playa Conchas Chinas
Embrace the serenity of Puerto Vallarta with an simple & energizing yoga session on Playa Conchas Chinas. Just five minutes away from downtown Vallarta, Playa Conchas Chinas is a beautiful, uninterrupted beach with sweeping views of the bay & the elaborate villas of Southern Vallarta. Beach blankets will be provided as your yoga mat for the class.
Lucha Libre Tour; glamor Tuesday
Hi! I'm Sergio and we're going to the legendary Lucha Libre show! It is a unique experience to live the famous Glamour Tuesday at the Guadalajara Colosseum Arena! Enjoy the atmosphere like a local, walk with me and venture into the world of the Mexican Lucha Libre. You'll see acrobatics, masks, deadly jumps on the ring... All this happening while the audience shouts, and jokes in a total catharis inside the Colosseum Arena. But the best part is that we go straight with the "Hoologans", where the wrestling is differently, not only are we going to watch it, it's a little more than that. The words loudly can be heard at night between the holligans, but don'tworry! No one is really angry, it's part of the atmosphere and the show, it's just letting yourself go. So prepare your shouting in your own language, let go of the stack of stress, and come be part of the atmosphere of this Mexican tradition. A surreal night!
Turtle Release - Visit Turtle Camp
TURTLE RELEASE HIGH SEASON: JULY-JANUARY (every day) TURTLE release LOW SEASON: JANUARY-JUNE(every 2-3 days) **THE DAYS POSTED ARE THE DAYS THAT POSSIBLY WILL bring TURTLES What we will do: 1. After meeting we started a walk of approximately 20 minutes along the beach to get to the campsite 2. You will receive an informative talk about the sea turtle conservation program in Puerto Vallarta. 3. We will be conducting a search and collection of turtle eggs supervised by trained biologists (activity using artificial materials) 4. We will take a tour of the camp facilities while explaining how each area works. 5. We will end with the release of baby turtles to the ocean while we watch a beautiful sunset. *REMEMBER THIS EXPERIENCE IS OF ENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION SO YOU WILL MAINLY COME TO LEARN ABOUT SEA TURTLE CONSERVATION.
Tequila & Cantaritos like a Local
If you want to know Tequila like a local, in a personalized way please read the following First we will meet at one of the most central and iconic points of the city called the "Minerva Roundabout", at the Oxxo for being more exact. We will continue on the tequila route where we will go on our personal cars, mine and/or Yoshuas car. Our first stop is the Tres Mujeres tequilera factory, known for having the longest cellar in the world where we will take incredible photos, get to know the tequila process and taste a selection of tequilas. The second stop will be a very different place than the ones you've visited. It is an elevated place where you can swing several meters above the surface, seeing a unique landscape in the world. Next we will visit the village of Tequila, where you can walk through its center, murals and market, where you can taste delicious local food. We will continue on the path standing next to the path where you will take your famous photo behind the trails with the agave landscape. To finalize, we will leave the best of the trip: Amatitán's famous cantaritos "el guero"! famous for its incredible atmosphere with more than 3 live bands, mariachi and many more genres to spend the best time of the tour.
Hidden Beaches Hike, Colomitos & Snorkel
In this hike we will explore different hidden beaches following a Beach/Jungle trail ABOUT: We meet in Zona Romantica, old center of Puerto Vallarta. Here we take an urban transport just like the locals do! After a pleasant 25 min ride along the coast we get off at a picturesque fisher town. Here we will start our hike following the riverbank and the sea. From there we start our ascent in the tropical forest with some amazing views! After a short hike trough the jungle we descend to our first destination: Colomitos Beach, officially the smallest beach in Mexico! After a rest and pictures we continue our path and leave the many tourist behind us to explore more hidden beaches. Here we have the opportunity to swim alone and feel in paradise. If the sea is calm, we will visit a secret place where to snorkel and observe a great diversity of fish! After this refreshing break we'll continue to our final destination and last beach: 'Playa las animas'. Here we have the option to have an incredible local seafood plate. (Not included) Last but not least we take the boat back to the fishertown where we started the hike. Here we will see the bay from a total different perspective! *PLEASE READ* Minimum age: 10 years/maximum age: 60 years Distance: 3.4 km/2.1 miles
Cantaritos and Ruta del Tequila
Departure "Starbucks Minerva" Guadalajara at 9:45 am. On this trip to Tequila our first stop will be in the AGAVE FIELDS, we will talk about the plant that creates tequila, time to take photos in the beautiful agave landscape, with the horses and visit its viewpoint. ARTISAN TEQUILA FACTORY: Third oldest tequila factory and cellar in the world THE FACTORY WILL BE OPEN ONLY FOR US the workers will be in their normal working day solving all your doubts TASTING IN A CUP: 5 Premium Tequilas of different maturation will be prepared, so that you can taste and learn to drink tequila like an expert, the tasting takes place in one of the most popular CANTINAS in town CASA SAUZA: We give you access to one of the oldest farms, UNESCO cultural heritage, you will have free time to explore its gardens, old chapel and shops FREE TIME TO EAT AND EXPLORE TEQUILA: It's time to visit the factory outlets of Mundo Cuervo, Herradura and Orendain. Don't forget to take your photo in the emblematic letters! We finish with LOS CANTARITOS EL GÜERO It's time to dance to the rhythm of the band, and enjoy this typical drink of the region, prepared with tequila, with a mixture of citrus juices, salt, ice and grapefruit soda. The return to Guadalajara is at 7pm Write us for another date, large groups or discounts :)
Guadalajara Hot Springs, a little-known paradise
nos encontraremos en un Delicioso restaurante de chilaquiles, donde podremos degustar de un delicioso desayuno (opcional) y puedes acompañarlo con un delicioso postre tradicional de jalisco La jericalla, Despues caminameros por el barrio de huentitan por 10 minutos hasta llegar a la barranca donde empezaremos a bajar y admiraremos sus hermosos paisajes con cascadas, hasta llegar a unas aguas termales de temperatura calida, un lugar que raramente es visitado por turistas, es un secreto de los locales para los locales, caminaremos un total de 6 kilometros y conoceras las aguas termales mas hermosas de guadalajara, una aventura unica en la ciudad
LGBT friendly photowalk EN/ES
This isnt made just for photo enthusiasts or amateur photographers, the pros are welcome too! We will meet at La Minerva famous fountain and from there, venture to different spots. Like "los arcos", calle chapultepec, expiatorio, Catedral, etc so we can take amazing photos! Or if you guys have any places in particular you want to see I am up for it. Other things to note Try not to bring flashy objects, mexico is not dangerous but lets not be showing off our mobiles or cash around. Just in case. Comfortable shoes always and plenty of energy :)
Unforgettable horse ride
Join on us for an unforgettable horse ride through agave fields while visiting Tequila town! Our horse farm in town has been offering horse ride since 2017 and now want to be able to offer this rides in Airbnb. The beautiful horse ride is an hour and half ride that starts and ends in the town center, the ride takes you by beautiful agave fields! You will not regret this amazing ride!
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