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Editing, removing, or adding a payment method

If an existing payment method on your account is incorrect (ex: an expired credit card), you can update it or add a new payment method.

    Edit a payment method for upcoming payments

    If you have an existing reservation with payments scheduled for a future date, such as a monthly stay, you can change the payment method for the scheduled future payments.

    Note: The payment method can only be changed for scheduled future payments. It’s not possible to change the payment method for the initial payment made when the reservation is confirmed.

    1. Go to Trips and select the trip that you want to change
    2. Under What you've booked, select your reservation
    3. Under Payment details, click Get receipts and manage payments
    4. In Your payment details, go to Scheduled payments and select Update payment details
    5. Update your payment method and select when you want to pay
    6. Click Submit

    Remove a payment method

    You can remove a payment method from your account unless it’s being used on a pending or active reservation or a past reservation that ended less than 14 days ago. You also can't remove your payment method if your Host has requested a reimbursement from you and Airbnb is reviewing their request.

    1. Go to Account settings > Payments & payouts
    2. Next to the payment method, click the three dots icon
    3. Click Remove

    Add a payment method

    You can add a credit or debit card or another payment method to your account.

    1. Go to Account settings > Payments & payouts
    2. Click Add payment method

    Users in some countries may not be able to add a payment method to their account. In this case, you’ll need to add your payment details directly on the Checkout page. Find out more about what payment methods are accepted in certain countries.

    Set a default payment method

    You can choose which payment method appears first on your list of available payment methods.

    1. Go to Account settings > Payment methods
    2. Next to the payment method, click the three dots icon
    3. Click Set Default

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