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Set and customize nightly pricing

Sharing your space can bring you lasting memories, worldwide connections, and cash in your pocket—but it all begins with pricing.

Default and custom pricing

Your calendar will display your default nightly price on all dates you haven’t customized. You can customize your prices for any nights you choose, such as high-demand dates like holidays or special events. Just know that any pricing changes you make will only apply to future reservations, not those that are already pending or confirmed.

Setting your default nightly price

If you want your price to change based on demand, turn on Smart Pricing. Otherwise:

Set default pricing on desktop

  1. Click Calendar and select the listing calendar you want to change
  2. Click Pricing, then go to Base price
  3. Enter your default nightly price and click Save

Setting custom pricing for specific nights

Set custom pricing on desktop

  1. Click Calendar and select the listing calendar you want to change
  2. Select a night or multiple nights
  3. Enter your custom price and click Save

How custom pricing works with other pricing

Your new custom price will show for each selected night, overriding your default nightly price as well as any Smart Pricing, weekend pricing, or long-term pricing you may have set.

Learn more about other ways to price your listing:

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