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If your guest cancels

It happens—plans change! If a guest needs to cancel their reservation, we’re here to help you with a quick rebound.

When a guest cancels:

  • We’ll notify you immediately
  • We’ll unblock the reservation dates
  • We’ll coordinate payouts and refunds

Your payout when a guest cancels

If you're owed a payout, we’ll send it 24 hours after your guest's scheduled check-in time—how long it takes for you to receive the money depends on your bank or financial institution. If this is your first time hosting, we may hold the payout until 30 days after the reservation was confirmed.

Find out more about when you’ll get your payout.

Your calendar when a guest cancels

If your guest cancels, we’ll unblock the dates on your calendar right away so you’re available to get another booking.

Guest refunds when they cancel

Guests who cancel will receive an automatic refund if your cancellation policy permits it. In some cases, guests may qualify for a refund under our Rebooking and Refund Policy, or our Major Disruptive Events Policy, regardless of the cancellation policy for the reservation.

Was your guest's stay not up to your hosting standards? Learn how to issue a partial refund.

    If your guest cancel after check-in

    If a guest cancels after they’ve already checked in, they must vacate your place immediately, and the terms of your cancellation policy will still apply.

    Changing your cancellation policy for future reservations

    Want to change your cancellation policy? Here’s how to choose a cancellation policy.

    Note: Changes to your cancellation policy are only applied to future reservations and don’t affect any pending or confirmed reservations.

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