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Editing a review you wrote

To encourage honest and impartial reviews, we limit the ability of Hosts and guests to edit a review after they’ve written it.

For stays, if you submit your review first, you may edit it anytime within the 14-day review period, up until the other party submits their review. Once both reviews are submitted or the 14-day review period has ended—whichever comes first—both reviews are automatically published and no more changes can be made. Find out how reviews work for stays.

For Experiences, reviews are only written by guests. You may edit your review within 48 hours of initially submitting it, even if the review has been published. Find out more more about how reviews work for Experiences.

    Editing your recent review

      1. Go to Profile > Reviews you've written
      2. Select Reviews by you
      3. Go to the review you’d like to edit and click Edit

      Removing reviews 

      Once a review you’ve written has been published, you can contact us to request for it to be removed. 

      Did someone else write the review? Just be aware that we will only take action if it violates our Review Policy. Please note that someone who wrote a review always has the right to request that it be removed.

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