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Report a listing

If you encounter a listing on Airbnb that raises concerns, we ask that you report it. Your report helps us keep the whole Airbnb community safe.

Some reasons to report a listing include:

  • Inappropriate content or photos
  • Misleading content or photos
  • Not a real place to stay
  • Scam or phishing attempts

If you have an active reservation and you need to report an issue, find out what to do if there’s an issue or problem during your stay.

Report a listing on Airbnb

Report a listing on desktop

  1. Click the listing that you want to report
  2. Under the pricing details section, click Report this listing
  3. Select the reason you're reporting the listing and click Next
  4. Give further details (if required), and then click Submit

If you need to report a suspicious message

If you get a suspicious message, find out how to report a specific message from a Host or guest.

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