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Flexible ways to search

Search by Categories

Bags are packed and not sure where to go? If guests need inspiration, they can browse Airbnb Categories—collections based on a stay’s unique style, location, or proximity to an activity—to help them find the stay (and style) that’s right for them. Guests can discover more flexible ways to travel—browsing millions of homes they never knew existed.

If guests want to stay in an architectural dream house (think Frank Lloyd Wright), they can check out the Design category, a collection of over 20,000 homes chosen for their iconic structure and interiors. If guests want to stay among nature, they can browse the National Parks category to find homes near places like Zion National Park and the Grand Canyon.

How it works

If a guest searches for a specific destination, their search results will include all listings. In addition, Categories will be displayed, making it even easier to discover incredible homes within (or just beyond) their search area.

If they don’t search for a specific destination, a selection of Categories may appear depending on seasons, location, and any previous guest searches.

Search by Split Stays

Want to split longer stays between two different homes?

Guests can try using Split Stays—a feature that pairs two consecutive stays for the span of their dates, allowing them to explore different homes, neighborhoods, or even different destinations, during their trip.

For example, if they’re browsing the Surfing category, Split Stays may show them a pair of homes in Santa Barbara and La Jolla, and then display the distance between both stays on a map so they’ll know where both homes are (and which stay is first). Once they select a Split Stay, they’re guided through an easy-to-use interface to book each stay—one home at a time.

Read more about how to book Split Stays.

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