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Community policy

Illegal and prohibited activities

Airbnb doesn’t allow illegal activities and other behaviors that could harm our community.

What we do allow

  • Possession and personal consumption of cannabis: In locations where it is legal and does not violate any house rules, adults may consume cannabis.
  • Cultivation of cannabis: Where legally permissible and within local limits, the growth and processing of cannabis or hemp by a Host on their property may occur if disclosed.

What we don’t allow

  • Child sexual exploitation: Forcing, manipulating, or enticing someone under 18 years old, regardless of local laws, to engage in sexual activity, whether in person or online, is prohibited. Learn more
  • Human trafficking: Recruiting, harboring, transporting, transferring, or receiving of an individual by force, fraud, or coercion for the purposes of labor or sexual exploitation is not allowed. Learn more
  • Incall commercial sex work: A stay, Experience, or its surrounding property should not be used for paid sexual services, such as erotic massages or prostitution.
  • Procuring sex work: Guests should not request and Hosts should not promote or offer paid sexual services.
  • Commercial pornography: A stay, Experience, or its surrounding property should not be used for the creation of commercial pornography, photos, or videos.
  • Illicit drugs: Illegal or restricted drugs such as opium, opiates, opioids, coca and cocaine, amphetamine-type stimulants, central nervous system depressants, and hallucinogens shouldn’t be present or used at a stay, Experience, or the surrounding property unless prescribed by a physician for a medical condition.
  • Drug production or manufacturing: A stay, Experience, or its surrounding property shouldn’t be used to produce or manufacture illegal drugs from raw materials and/or plants.
  • Drug cultivation: A stay, Experience, or its surrounding property should not be used for raising or growing plants from which illegal drugs are refined, with the exemption of cannabis.
  • Drug distribution: A stay, Experience, or its surrounding property should not be used to sell, gift, traffic, or distribute drugs including cannabis, even if it is legal to do so in your area.

We're here to help

If you or someone else feels threatened or unsafe or suspect child sexual exploitation or human trafficking, please first contact local law enforcement authorities for assistance. Additionally, if you witness or experience behavior that goes against our policies, please let us know.

While these guidelines don’t cover every possible scenario, they’re designed to offer general guidance on Airbnb’s community policies.

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