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Experience Host

What kind of experiences are considered for the cooking category?

In addition to the Airbnb Experiences standards and requirements, every cooking experience submitted to Airbnb is reviewed to see if it meets the following quality standards: 

  • The main activity involves food preparation (ex: baking, cooking)
  • The host shares an authentic culinary tradition (ex: a personal, family, or cultural connection to a recipe or cuisine)
  • The guests of this experience will eat together in a social setting

If the experience does, it may be displayed in the Cooking on Airbnb Experiences category.

Experiences including cooking that do not meet these quality standards (ex: guests won’t eat together) but do adhere to Airbnb Experiences standards and requirements will still be published and available in search results, but they will not be displayed on the Cooking category page.

If you are interested in hosting a cooking experience, submit your idea here, and it will be reviewed considering the quality standards.

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