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Tracking your hosting performance

You can track your hosting progress by opting into Airbnb’s professional hosting tools. Using them, you can review:

  • Your listings’ historical, future, and real-time performance across business metrics
  • Your top-performing listing(s)
  • Comparisons between your own listings and similar ones in your area

You can search, filter, and compare your hosting performance over the past 12 months. You can also include data on upcoming bookings, and select which listings to include by using the search and filter bar in each section.

Go to Insights and you’ll find performance metrics for these areas:

  • Conversion
  • Occupancy & rates
  • Quality
  • Hosting progress

If you want to see performance of your earnings, go to the earnings dashboard.

Performance data by time

You can select a time frame for the data shown in each section. You can view your data according to three time frames: Last year, Last week, and Last month.

To view future performance for some data, you can select Next week, Next month, Next 3 months, and Next 6 months.

New data is uploaded within 24 hours.

Performance data by region

If you have listings in multiple regions, you can review data by listing or region for a more targeted data analysis.

Comparing performance data

The graph shows how your listings are performing compared to previous time periods or to a competitive set of listings. Toggle between the options to choose what the graph shows.

For example, if you select Last week, the graph will show performance for the past 7 days compared to performance for the past 8–14 days.

When you choose to compare to similar listings, the graph will show how 5-star ratings for your listings compare to listings in the area. You can filter by region, if your listings are in multiple regions, to increase the accuracy of the comparison. Get more info about how we choose similar listings.

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