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Respond to an inquiry

An inquiry is a message from a guest looking for more information about certain dates they have in mind before they send a trip request. It means they’re this close to saying yes—so, help them out!

Respond within 24 hours

Be sure to respond to all messages—especially inquiries and trip requests—within 24 hours. A quick response is one of the best ways to lock in a reservation and maintain a good response rate, which helps your listing appear higher in search results.

Speed things up

Every inquiry is an opportunity to impress. Responding with the right incentive can get help you fill your place sooner.

  • Invite them to bookThis is the fastest way to clinch a reservation after an inquiry—all the guest has to do is confirm your invitation
  • Send a special offer: Depending on what they’re asking, try suggesting a different price, date, or listing that might work better

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