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Fill your place faster

Go beyond a basic listing and make it irresistible! Here’s how to showcase your place and make it easier for guests to book.

Let your listing description sparkle with high-quality photos

Have fun with your title and description and explain the amenities, shared spaces, and what makes your space unique.

Your photos are a guest’s first impression of your space on the search results page. Get tips on taking great photos and learn how to upload and edit your photos.

Keep your listing up-to-date and make sure everything is accurate and set expectations in the house rules and the guest manual.

Show you’ve got what guests want

Make your listing more appealing by doing things like verifying your internet speed and accommodating for guests with children and pets or accessibility needs.

Maximize your time with hosting tools and by troubleshooting

You can simplify your hosting experience with Hosting tools and save time and effort by scheduling and sending guest messages and guest replies automatically. 

If a guest is having trouble requesting certain dates, make sure they’re available on your calendar. Be sure to respond to inquiries and trip requests within 24 hours—if you miss one, here’s what to do

Make booking easier with Instant Book, pre-approvals, or special offers

For ultimate convenience, offer Instant Book, so guests can book immediately and confidently. When someone sends you an inquiry about certain dates, simplify the booking by pre-approving their stay and sending an invite, or sweeten the deal with a special offer.

Use guest reviews to improve your listing

When you improve the experience for your guests, you’ll get better reviews and star ratings—which will make your listing even more appealing.

Get tips for the off-season

Off-season can still be a busy season if you attract guests all year-round. Try custom pricing to help your listing stay competitive or meetup with other Hosts in your area to trade tips about how to stand out during slow months.

Learn how a social media presence can help you get more bookings in the Resource Center.

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