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Change the number of guests on your reservation

If you need to make changes to your booking, like adding an extra guest or removing someone that can’t make the trip, you can do so. 

If you simply want to share the details of your trip with guests you’ve already accounted for as part of your booking, find out how to add your guests as co-travelers

Add or remove guests from your reservation

Add or remove guests from your reservation on desktop

  1. Click Trips and select the reservation you want to change
  2. Under Reservation details, click Change reservation
  3. Add or remove guests
  4. Review your changes and any price difference
  5. Click Send request

How the cost can change when guests are added or removed

Depending on your Host’s pricing, changing the number of guests may affect the total cost of your trip. If your Host requires a fee for any extra guests, in most cases, the additional cost will be charged to your original payment method as soon as the Host accepts your trip change request.

For some payment methods, guests will need to submit the additional payment within 48 hours of the Host accepting the trip change request.

If you’re due a refund, it’ll be sent to the original payment method that you used when you booked the reservation. How long it takes for you to receive the money depends on your bank or financial institution. Find the average refund timelines.

Your Host must accept the trip change request before it’s confirmed

After submitting a trip change request to add any guests, it's important to wait for your Host's approval before having your guests show up—your Host will need to first confirm that they can accommodate a different number of guests.

Once your Host approves the change, you'll receive a confirmation, and the reservation details will be updated to reflect the changes.

If your Host hasn’t responded to your trip change request

If you submitted a trip change request and your Host hasn’t responded to it, try sending them a message reminding them to review your request.

If you booked a reservation and can no longer make it

It's not possible to transfer a reservation to someone else. If you can't make a trip, you’ll need to cancel the booking and ask the other guest to rebook.

Depending on the Host's cancellation policy, there may be a cancellation cost. Also, the cost of the rebooked stay may be different from that of the original booking.

If your reservation is a hotel stay

For some hotel stays, you may need to contact the hotel directly to modify your reservation.

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