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Experience Host

Setting a price for your Experience

You're the Host, so you decide how much your Experience costs. You can even customize the price of your Experience on a particular date or time—as long as no one has booked it yet.

Set your default prices for adults and kids

  1. Go to Experiences and select an Experience
  2. Click Edit
  3. Click Price settings, and then click Guest pricing
  4. Enter a price for adults and for children and click Save

This will update the price of all the future and currently unbooked instances of your Experience (except for those you’ve set a custom price for).

Customize prices

If an instance of your Experience has not yet been booked, you can set a custom price. Once a guest books, you can no longer adjust the price.

  1. Go to your Experiences Calendar
  2. Select which date or event you’d like to set a custom price for
  3. Go to Price per guest and click Edit
  4. Enter a price and click Save

For tips on selecting a price for your Experience, check out our pricing strategies.

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